Stuck between a hole in the head and a obvious chasm

by cunningstuff

Got my battle gear on, go!

I am from a distraught, unheard, tiny part of the population in the states. We are the people from 1968-1973, some from before that sure, and some after, but generally, those years of birth, behind us are the corporate sellout hippies and leftover music, ahead of us are oblivious children, birthed in a world of so many distractions, the best result is to act bored and jaded. We tried that in the eighties, but to be truthful, it was exciting for anyone who paid attention. Acid and extascy reigned supreme with us, like our parents, but we didn’t get organic, we got terrifying. We went dark, we went robotic and cyberpunk, we embraced our technical future, and then, thanks to windows, we promptly forgot it. Well, most of us did, swirled up into the age old quest for profit, we forgot to keep on to our dreams, and turned them in for a paycheck. Shut down by the government in the 1980’s, us teen dreamers got squashed out of art, music, and the future of them with a sudden turn of conservatism in the states. I was excited, but one by one, all our dreams got squashed to nothing in the search for a living and profit. I personally, checked the hell out of that scene, and went from state to state a few times, partied with the best wherever I was, then, got hit by the profiteering economy. My abilities at trade work, bench work, shop work, all became meaningless in a….

‘scuse this rant…

Kiss ass hierarchy of making sure we can fleece whoever we can whenever we can backstabbing kowtowing money-worshiping screw your best friend over for a promotion world of retail sales. All while being stuck in the continuous downgrade of the ability of the blue collar worker to make a decent living in an ultra conservative kiss the ass of business world. I used kiss ass twice in that rant, yay! Yeah, not a happy camper, and all around I see oblivion and total apathy in the current american society. Kids in their 20’s living with their parents have turned a blind eye to the economic woes, because they are living rent free. All the older set have their houses, and have turned a blind eye to all of us who will never afford a house in america, even with working all our lives. No one really wants to stand up anymore, the batons and the tear gas keeps everyone from really rallying grassroots support. I was once proud to be an american, now I just claim I am from Houston, and tired of this life in the states.

I think the idea of a one world government is the right way to go, but not with this Imperialist bs in the way. Take down the bankers, take down the malls, first improve lots in the urban district, then the suburban district, then build self sufficient mini cities where ever we can stick them. DO computer controlled organic growing systems, do away with all the damn chemicals, and get our concerns on doing things, not earning cash. Yes, I know, the utopian dream of a cashless society. Well it is really not a dream, it is a real, viable, fair solution to what is occurring now. I am not setting up a giant rant here, I am just going to go with logic and say, it will come when the world is more educated. Once we stop buying the word of college brain washed economists, who focus on an ethereal ideal, and get down to truth of materials, we can let scientists extract all the gold we need, and some extra for fun, without killing each other, without stealing, without a black market, so many things come from a cashless society.  Right now, according to the UN, there are 1 in seven people starving. During the black plague, 1 in ten died from the plague, does that little problem ring a bell? More people are starving now than people died during the dark ages. In this kind, communicative world, where we the peeps have decided to unite together, talk together on the internet, 1 billion people are starving, and that my friends, is capitalism.

Rant over….

I have decided to become a writer. I have had my viewpoint changed by a woman who loves me, and I like the idea that one person can make a difference with words, even in these troubled times. I left the night, I am in the predawn, and soon the morning of a new day will settle upon me. I am counting on her wisdom and support, and I am inflamed with new energies in my later life that have been missing from the past decade for me. This blog is for that reason, for me to learn to write. I am willing to take criticism and constructive thoughts, I am very willing to collaborate and grow with this community. I have already started to see some interesting ideas and improvement, just from sitting down and writing one blog. The future has so many possibilities and horizons, we are on the verge of controlling the essence of life and matter itself, the blind can see, the deaf can hear, the crippled can outrun the normal human. We have discovered the cells that contain memory, we are on the verge of being able to plug in and use the internet mnemonically, and the email will become, thanks to google’s foresight in creating ever larger memory for its user, our new bucket of photos from our eyes, 3D stereoscopic pictures and videos. Particles are being instantaneously controlled over a distance of 92km now, thanks to china’s new record. Our universe is caught at a time when we can observe almost all of it, and will have records that eventually, will map out every planet and place we can go to. Already we have seen another planet, on another system, not guess work, but actually seen it! Wake up folks, is what I am gonna be saying a lot of, wake up and smell the bloody damned coffee, there is a universe waiting for us, a future not beholden to profit and tyranny. But not wake up its time for war, wake up, its time for the real fireworks to get going!