The possibilities of the future

by cunningstuff

A picture from a 90 day mission robot that has run for 8 years.

I want to start by saying, if you do not know by now, at least some of this stuff, you need to be in good stead with a coffee and a dream, because life must suck for you. I am usually known for my endless rant on the tyranny of bankers, but I am outgrowing that. Apparently, it doesn’t matter to anyone but me that world is owned, and we are peons, and life could be so much more beautiful if we didn’t have capitalists and money in the way of dreams and life. So, I am taking a new stance, one a lot less antagonistic, and much more oriented to the optimist in me, the child in my heart. How may people here, feel free to raise your hands, how many people here know we live in the time of godly miracles? I am not joking when I say, we can make the blind see, the deaf hear, and the crippled walk. It actually for the first two, has been in working development for years, and is now becoming an actual option of healing and curing in the medical world. I cried the first time I saw a deaf woman hear her mother, she bawled, I bawled, the mum bawled, and I saw it through the angels eyes of youtube. The same thing happened when they first got a blind man to see light and dark, years ago, but it was a true seeing, a blind man who now could tell you if it was day or night, not by warmth and having a speaking watch, but by seeing. I listened to woman tell me how sad she thought it was that not everyone could trade out different legs for different events, showing me her artisans legs, for parties, her bionic legs for running, how she could be taller than me and jump farther than me, because I still had two legs.

Now that is just the human traits we have learned to make better and solve literally, ten years ago, what would be called miracles. Just a few weeks ago, China announced a 92 kilometer separation of quantum teleportation, by simply using a lake to establish a clear path for the lasers that were the controlling energy of the action. Now this is not star trek teleportation, but it is however, the very real ability to simultaneously move particles in exactly the same manner over huge distances, not like pick it up put it down, but as in the particles react to the same thing, in exactly the same manner. Not in some tiny ultra controlled environment, but over a damn lake. No no, I don’t understand all of it, but they had just the year before, done the same thing at 13 kilometers, and that was considered a miracle then, to take it to such distances, well, maybe you get the same ideas I am getting. Won’t be long before we can have quantum events bounced off a satellite, and can take the effects right out into space, or anywhere on earth. If we simply apply the idea to our telecommunications, it means absolutely lag free instantaneous information transfer, anywhere on earth, at any time, no time delay in speech, transactions, gaming, medicine, surgeons can work from one place and do robotic surgery anywhere for any one, the possibilities are endless.

I know I am a dreamer, but I am actually seeing my dreams come true in my life time, and it is very exciting. When my friends and I set up our BBS,  you should have seen how excited we were to have Japan calling us, to download games from us! I typed the first ever digital copy of Anarchist Cookbook, and let it loose through a BBS, and then watched as the FBI shut us down, but it was to late, I continued to encounter .txt versions of my copy ever since, and I am damned proud of that. I am not a pirate, I am not a crook, I never made any money off of trading illegal programs with people, but two of my friends I got graphics software for are now professionally employed for their skill at those programs.  We are on the verge of something great my friends, and the bankers and the governments are absolutely outdated and helpless.  It is now time for us to not stand up and fight, but instead, get dedicated, find a learning, and share it with others. It is time for us to teach each other, for the schools will only continue to put us in debt and control, where learning and information will only ever set us free.

I do not imagine some utopian future where no one will ever get hurt again, but I do dream of such a world, and looking around me, I see it is a very possible dream, if yet still a dream. We have learned of the 92 natural elements found throughout the universe, we know how they were formed, and through this simple pursuit of physics and astrophysics, we have indeed learned that we are truly stardust, we are the children of the universe, and we are here experiencing it all with each other, almost instantly.  I am pretty sure there is a scientist who knows exactly how much gold there is available in the earth, in the solar system, and for that matter available in the whole universe, and that knowledge is worth ten times the price of gold, ten times the jewelry of the crown, ten times anything we ever thought about gold before. We are tied to this place, this universe, and we are closer than ever to getting off this rock and into the stars around us.

It is no longer time to worry about the bankers, the universe has methods of removing those elements that want to destroy its own creations. It is much more a time to revel in the happiness and knowledge we are finding out about the nature around us.