On the Shortcomings of Capitalization

by cunningstuff

Aha! Freedom at last, I break thy chains and go with the wind!

I am not going to lie, this post will probably make a few people mad, but I am not concerned about them, nor will I reply to them either, but what I am concerned about here is the limits of auto-correction and proper english. I know the rules and all, I read the damn book of punctuation, and am knowledgeable about how to write a proper 5 paragraph essay, but I am very concerned over the auto-correction rules and its idea of proper use. I keep having to uncapitalize all and add all these words to my dictionary, not because of misspellings, but missed capitalization, and it bugs me on a level that I must simply speak out about it.

I am considered a radical left wing leftist radical radical, in most circles, disagreeing with most political discussions because I prefer to discourse things I know are science, or at least in the hypothesis stage of scientific discovery. I am left wanting and called either a dreamer or a utopiast, and dismissed because I want to argue my case fully, and not just speak in media organized thought-speak sound bites, but instead really argue, really get into the discussion and either learn, agree, disagree, or teach. Passion and excitement cause a lot of distress to whoever I am talking to, they get too excited and start yelling, then I get louder, then it devolves into a typical american argument, not a debate where both parties can learn, but name calling and hurt feelings. I have often thought I should write, so I can get my two cents in, before it all reduces to stupidity. Critical thinking skills just are at the most infantile level of man in america, and since I am not a lover of my country but instead a terrorist and a traitor to most people, I never really get very far in my ideals or thoughts to learn and grow with others. I am heavily influenced by the age of the computer, and the age of science, and the free thinking ways and DYI ethos of the punk rock era, so I am pretty much at a loss to discuss much of anything with anyone except a small elite crew of hackers and punkers who grew beyond the standards and are self sufficient and well taught, and that almost always does not include anyone with formal education.

Being of the computer set, I have come to recognize the absolute hilarity of politics in our capitalization schemes. Computerese really only accepts generally, three kinds of input, lower case ascii, upper case ascii, and numerics and the symbology of ascii in mathematical operators. Code is typically written in lower case, variables in code like to stand out with uppercase, and numbers and operators are just as easily used, since all three sets are distinguished quickly at glance, especially when pouring over long lists of code. How many times have you typed in a username and used fancy or gibberish capitalization, only to have the program reduce all of your creativity to lowercase?  Email is a great example of this, you can use the upper case of the english alphabet all you want, but it is not ever deciphered into the original caps, just the lowercase ever comes across. It used to be opposite, for us old timers, that it was all capitals, and no lowercase, but over the years, it was recognized for coding reasons, just use the lower case of the alphabet.

What this background exposes me to, though, is the pointless and constant reminders of staying political in our “proper” usage of english. If you like to point out such things, you will have noticed, none of the auto corrects for capitalization have been used in this blog, mostly because if the word is spelled right I add it to my standard.dic on both Open Office and here in WordPress. I add a lot of these things, so I can find my true misspellings easily later, but it just burns my hide to have to do it twice all the time, and if I decide to use any other programs in the future, well, I will have to waste time doing it again. I know, I know, it is a first world problem, but I see the politics of it, mostly I think, because I am constantly arguing from other peoples political perspective.  Oh and that, the term argue, yo ‘mericans, argue does not always mean to raise your voice and get emotional about whatever is being discussed, it means there is a disagreement yes, but not a fight. I find it just desperately sad that the worship of the yank’s way is getting in between the exchange of ideas. A person should always be allowed to disagree with you, and when they disagree, it does not mean they are stupid, a terrorist, or lacking in any manner, it just means they have a different opinion of the discussion at hand, and who knows, if you are diligent and intellectual, you may find to your surprise, that others in the world like to learn about things, and disagreements can end beautifully, with both sides in opposition but on equal terms as far as humans go.  Anywho, the point is, I am pretty sure everyone around can understand that german probably means, made or created in germany, where as, if I was a citizen of germany, I would probably say, I am German. I happen to be a Texan, but I prefer to refer to my origin as a Houstonian.  I might buy something from texas however… I have a Fiance who is from Oz, but I tend to write she is an aussie. I do not find it confusing at all, and if it is, I just search for it on the net, or ask directly in direct communication. I recognize that there should be a distinct way to capitalize, but I find that it is limited for those of us who might not worship the idea that it continues the propaganda of a political line and boundary created by rich people a hundred years ago.

It is just a dream, I know, these rules will stand for another hundred years or more, but I look forward to a day when we are free to use the rules as we see fit, and autocorrection has an adjustment (that is easily found,) that says. “Do not autocorrect capitalization.”