The Trials of a Blue Collar Worker

by cunningstuff

My job is an empty book, so I am going to start writing in my own empty book.

Switching from worker to writer has it’s difficulties, and I am indeed finding it a challenge to write everyday into this blog. I am basically, a nondescript cashier in a bottle shop, or liquor store, if you are a yank like me. I stand all day for eight hours a day, doing horrible repetitive grinding work, the kind of work that makes you dull and boring, and leaves you wanting for anything different, but lets you have nothing in your brain. I want to excite my lovely and beautiful Lady with stories and laughter, but it can be so hard to even get emotion to move inside of me, other than anger. We were never meant for this kind of exercise, this kind of dull bland existence, as humans. Farmers are often called dull and boring, but farming would be more exciting than being a cashier. I am sure others have had their day trying to explain this, but the point I want to make is just how bad this stuff really is for people.

When we were hunter gatherers, we had this hard, almost suicidal kind of life. Agriculture basics like water, seeding patterns, and books to tell inform you what was growing right or not, simple pollination knowledge, good soil versus bad soil, we had a lot we didn’t know. Hunting was passed down easier, as most animals had instinctive patterns that we could easily tell each other, or barring that, show each other, so between the two, hunting gave the most rewards, but was the most dangerous thing we did, other than the constant human battles of our own species. Vast amounts of unpopulated land however, always gave the option of picking up and moving on, and trying to live in a new area, sometimes we succeeded, other times we would not.  Now at this point, it is just my opinion on what it was like, but one of the reasons I surmise we did so well, was that life was challenging and interesting, and one had to keep your wits sharp and your creativity high to survive. Better tools, new types of lodging, learning your surroundings in a way we of the modern era have no clue, I think it would have been an exciting, if harsh and short lived life. This is how we evolved, and this is why we can deal with being bombarded constantly by “entertainment,” indeed, most people want to be bombarded, leave multiple tv’s on, radios, and then sit down amidst the noise and text each other every 30 seconds.

Bombarded with non essential, trivial, corporate news publishing approved entertainment I might add. Yes, the odd show here and there, the odd news or science blurb might make us think a bit, but then its right back to what did the Kardashian’s do, how is my team doing, omg support your soldiers rhetoric that just keeps getting pumped out at us. You have to get way off the beaten track if you want to find out anything interesting, anything that constitutes real news, or find out what science is really doing.  Working all day in a dull repetitive job that scars your creativity and originality and then having 13 tv’s bombard you with sports at the bar, is it any surprise that americans are becoming dumber by the day and eat everything the upper echelons throw at us?  When I look back at my life, I realize that I have been fighting the dumbing down of the standard citizen my whole life. In the 1970’s everyone was hooked on radio, but I found that classical soothed my mind and elevated me to new highs without standing around singing “another brick in the wall,” with all my classmates. I ain’t banging on Pink Floyd, but it sure is funny how that was churned out by the bucket full from the radio, and all that anyone ever did about the message of the song was to just become another brick. Time passes and I find punk and industrial, which eventually led me to being isolated yet again by the masses, as they had one hit wonders pushed at them, and I discovered the long term returns of listening to such bands as Caberet Voltaire and Coil. There was never a barrier to me learning, there was no rope that held me back, and I did go forth and learn about everything I wanted to, but always to increasing isolation and lack of communication from most of my fellow americans.

Finally, I am finding I am in a box made of one way mirrors in america, everyone can see me and hear me, but no one understands me much anymore. I have no ability to communicate with anyone much, and I am basically just looked at and ignored. My friends still hear me some, and a few folks can understand and communicate with me, but we are very few and far between these days. These people often find themselves in the same position I am in, unable to understand or communicate with people who mostly can only type in horrible phone speak, and spend most of their actual communication time on a phone with people who “unnserstan dem.” I find it shocking that I, a high school drop out with a GED, have to correct english teachers at college level on words that are not that uncommon, like ebullient.  I do not blame the masses, if I had grown up in accepting supportive family in america, I might have ended up just the same, alone except for my phone, in a strange confusing blaring world of advertisement and shopping. I squarely put the blame on the media corporations and the government that has had a decidedly anti-intellectual approach to tv and publishing, never pushing for the betterment and education of the masses, but instead choosing shallow and empty options instead.  I think, in a way, I might have found the purpose of my blog today, no, not to educate the world and change society, I do not think I can do that, but to instead talk about the changes that could be made, with a leadership that pushed for the education and abilities of its people.  I do not want anyone to ever have to be a cashier, it is a horrible existence that makes one bitter and used, and left feeling humiliated and worthless at the end of the day, with other people strutting their non existent superiority over you. Cashiers, laborers, sackers, barbacks, waiters, greeters, attendants, clerks, valets…. the list goes on and on, and it seems a pointless and empty existence for such a grand and amazing race as the humans I call my folks.

I understand it is different in different countries, and soon, I will be able to see and know how different it can be. I was at a point of despair I think a lot of us yanks understand, no hope, no future, no way out but down. I met a beautiful lady who has changed that point of view for me, who is more than the very light we need from the sun to me, and has given me the spark I needed to change and grow. I have this new ticket on life, and because of her, I am going to do my best and become greater than I was taught I could, but I will never, never ever, forget from where I have been. I will take my learning and do my best to bring light and life into the world, and show us a better way, ever questioning and questioned, to be sure, but at least I am thinking again.