Removing money and Finding a New Way

by cunningstuff

This is how I see the current use of economy and resources.

Among the impossibilities I keep hearing, the one that is instantly refuted without thought, the biggest lie and piece of propaganda I have ever encountered, is the idea that we must have money to make the world turn. A few of us who have heard of the Venus Project, and while I do agree with the grand idea as a whole, I find one thing missing from it. We live in a time where most of us live in giant cities, even Denver, Colorado, USA is over 1 million people in its totality, and I consider it to be a rather small, almost cowtown city. I find the weakness in the Venus project to be, specifically, what can we do now  to order up and change that idea into a movement? And that my friends, is really the biggest piece of the puzzle left to figure out, isn’t it?

We must be able to use the available infrastructure and and change from business oriented cities to cities that can sustain themselves, without any import or export. This is the puzzle piece I find lacking, it takes the idea of a resource based economy, and then uses it. One of the inspirations I have found is through the gardening initiative that is being used in Havana, Cuba, the organoponico. It is a very simple foundation, using land that is not under use for growing organic  fruits and vegetables.  This has led to research and development of the idea, and eventually, over the passing of a few decades, the whole city has embraced the idea and is using it extensively, so much that the UN declared the city to be a agricultural city, something that has never happened before.  I did not join with the 99% movement, for the exact reason that they only propose to extenuate the very problems we face, by distributing the so called wealth that the upper echelon has taken over and rules with iron fist. I would like to see us appropriate unused land and use it, for food, just for food, because with food, all things become possible. The waste from food can be used for compost heaps and fibers, and it basically becomes an almost, note that is almost, self sustaining system. Why did the movement not seek out an old warehouse, or find a donor of one, and move in and grow their own food and make their own crafts? Hacker spaces are popping up all over, voluntary movements of highly individual people coming together to share knowledge and ideas, and are developing a culture that could reuse old and existing electronics, so that if the two joined forces, you could have automatic growing systems for cheap, not to mention the ability to increase the use of cheap lighting systems, communications, and database controls.

The truth is, we have the ability to overcome already, we have in our hands the wealth of knowledge and the popular support to come out of our houses and become the greatest society ever. New techniques using old knowledge, and an ever expanding growth pattern can bring about massive change and turn the world upside down and into the beautiful planet we all want to see. In the 18th century, during the Age of the  Enlightenment, we sent out tons of discoverers and scientists to find out what we really are and what we really know, and ever since, the return of information is exhaustive and well documented. Now we must use this knowledge, not just whimsically report on it with a youtube video, but embrace it and return its ability to the entire race. One of my favorite stories about this is the lovely entrepreneur William Kamkwamba, who took on learning and inventiveness in a way that stunned me, and inspired me to learn more about what we can do. The morale of the story to me though, is not that in hardship comes innovation, but the exact opposite must occur for us to take the reins out of the hands of the economists. We need to stop complaining, and start innovating, and change how we do things. Cheap manufactured goods have been available for 50 years, or more, depending on what we are looking at, and it is time to take advantage of the things we have before it is to late and we tumble back down the rabbit hole and end up in never never land again.

Let us not fall into the trap of letting our “government” do this for us either. Look, it is very obvious, if you do not have a bankroll of 100 million dollars and the supporting lobbyists to push your idea, you have no voice in this country of america, and it is time to do something about it. I have heard this time and time again, we have the power necessary to change the whole world for the better, but what we really need to do is change it for ourselves first, and be the bigger man. How fast will grocery prices drop when you get half your food from your neighborhood collective? How fast will clothing prices drop if we take our old clothes and make new clothes from them? How fast will electronics drop their prices when we build our own cheap touch screens using nothing but a cheap lcd car monitor, a small pc board, and a plug in usb camera?

I am not the inventor I want to be, I am the writer who can imagine, using current technology and ideas, a better, greener, efficient, and leaner america than we have now. One where talent, education and information outweigh hollywood and the sports empire, and being a neighbor and a friend to those around us is greater than making sure those “people” who live next door don’t trim a shrub wrong.  I would like to see common folk playing with real science, not just some plastic thingie invented to waste money and break after ten uses. We have the whole world at our fingertips, and we can change everything around, certainly in small ways at first, but eventually, there will be no need for all the bs we have accumulated in the end of the industrial era. Put together your own 3d printer, and make small parts and household items for your neighbors, and find out the power of truth, honesty, and communication in an information age.