The Dream is Broken

by cunningstuff

Into the Unknown, where we all dream.

The greatest moment in human triumphs was quick to happen. The Meeting of the Minds was the greatest gathering mankind had ever seen, witness to tens of thousands of people comfortably encamped on a giant level field, created just for the occasion, in the middle of Kansas, USA. Giant LED screens dominated and lit up the night sky, so much so that some people made a lot of money selling cheap eye covers to the people in the MM encampment so they could sleep. Everyone had a chance to present on the screens, and multiple broadcasts went on for 24 hours a day. It took millions of man hours in work and preparation, but having the crews from Burning Man had really made things easy, using their knowledge of building an instant city and making sure everyone had access to the basic necessities of being human.  Lots were sold cheaply, just covering the actual utility costs, and everyone was invited. Scientists, religions, politicians, groups, non-groups, volunteers, thousands had come, to share, to grow, to understand each other, for a full month. The entire 4 square miles was a constant festival, everyone had brought their best. Parades of shining faces, of people promoting the best they had to offer, new foods, new ideas, new software, new clothes, new everything. One group was very memorable, called the Knights of Peace, wearing white tunics and carrying EL lit flag poles, with symbols of all the world on flags above them. I even paid to have them carry our flag, it was only 500 US, and they got a bit of insight into what we were presenting later in the month.

I was from a group of genetic engineers called The White Castle, and we had our purpose to be there as well. Mostly, for the first three weeks, I tooled around, meeting different representatives of different scientific communities, and being the liaison for us to outreach the others. Mostly, my job was to hype up what we had brought to the MM, and it was easy, though very hard not to let out the details until the final debates had started. I was basically on a nonstop high, knowing that we were changing the world for the better, doing something that humanity had always cried for, a better human. The summit of the MM was the last week of the month, with each group debating in front of impartial judges for their right to speak and present on the final day. Our group was chosen as the final speakers, meaning we had the most important revelations during the Meeting of the Minds. All debates were simulcast across various spectrums, but mostly everyone tuned in through the video flash connections brought in by JTV.

We showed them ARMS, our genetic improvement computations. We had discovered that with a good bit of computer modeling, we could trim and regrow the DNA sequence, taking out the useless banana and parrot problems, and instead installing a memory system that cells were programmed to read from.  MOTHIR was an advanced material and education system, taking but 6 weeks to raise a newborn baby to a stout teenager of the equivalent age of 16. It worked with the ARMS manipulation software, and using the cells of the body itself MOTHIR was able to implant holographic memory and teach the subject not only muscle memory but real knowledge, all the basics of chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics, science, math, and medicine. Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Debussy, Vonnegut, Kierkegaard, all the best of the written language and many languages as well was installed into memory, and many other things. The cells were also improved, cellular structure was enhanced, muscle cells improved, the bodies organs made more efficient. It was a triumph of a presentation, and the entire MM camp broke out in shouts and applause, then we brought out Jericho. He walked up, took the mic, and said, “I am the first immortal, you will all die now.” What we didn’t know was he had modified the podium over night, using some of the new weapons that had been presented in the summit, taking great care not to say a word to anyone. We didn’t know he had gone insane, we didn’t know he had been impaired in his raising in MOTHIR by a devious priest of the catholic church, our biggest monetary supporter. We didn’t know as much about Jericho as we thought, and when he brought out the guns, most of us died for not knowing.

The Meeting of the Minds was the greatest triumph, and the last day, the greatest tragedy of humankind. The security forces were no match for Jericho, and he sawed through 11,782 People in about 4 hours. A small silent black helicopter picked him up from the burning remains of the MM, and he was beyond our reach and understanding from that day on. He stole all our information, our private computers, and the first MOTHIR unit, and disappeared into the world.

White Castle was taken over by the NSA, almost immediately after. Out of the original team of 250, three other scientists involved and myself were hustled into an underground city, and instructed to comply or die. We didn’t intend to fight the NSA, and we knew now, with Jericho and the church against us, it was probably the safest bet to live. It has not been entirely unpleasant, unless you count my nightmares every night, indeed, all the goods we needed, all our wants and desires were pretty much taken care of, after we capitulated to the demands of the government. What argument did we have anyways? We had singlehandedly turned the most peaceful meeting of humanity into the worst nightmare, the ultimate scourge and horror show ever seen.

The only bright side to this story is her, the one we did alone, without government intervention. We used the scientific argument for having a control group, and were allowed to have one subject that was not implanted with dark seeds of the military, was not made into an inhuman killing machine, but instead, was the opposite of what Jericho was turned into. We were supposed to destroy her after study of course, but corruption is as corruption will do, and with a promise to put a minor sergeants child through the MOTHIR for a few days, to help him boost his stats, we were able to sneak her out into the world to help humanity, to take back Jericho, or to take him down. We called her Ever, and she was our one hope to setting things right. We burned a brainless clone to cover her tracks, and no one knew about her. She is now out there, watching and listening, and soon, she will begin to change the course of our future.