The Inspiring Blog Award

by cunningstuff

There is absolutely no conspiracy here…

I can not tell you when I began writing, except recently. I have always ignored my creations after they had been finished, and destroyed as much as I have created. I have written prose and poetry in large enough amounts, but there was a pessimism inside of me that would never publish or share most of them. I have always loved to create though, and it has been one of my driving forces in my life, creation and learning to me, are the greatest things I can do. I am however, very much the romantic, very much the heart on the sleeve, and I had no idea I would ever step out into the world and write for others to read. I want to thank first and foremost, my shining Everstar, my love and my muse, for taking the chance on me and letting me fall in love with her. She took my talent and shook it up, dusted it off, and has been my main inspiration ever since. We have a love others will one day be jealous of, a bond that strikes through thousands of miles to pull us together ever closer and ever stronger everyday. She is the reason I write, and to be honest, the reason I live fully.

To be nominated for this, well, I am just caught off my guard, I never expected anyone to take notice of me so soon. I am barely knowledgeable about blogging, and truthfully, I am probably doing everything wrong for a writer right now. I decided however, to be constant, and to take it seriously, as far as I can be serious about anything. Lighteningpen’s nomination is a very happy surprise, and very much appreciated. I want to thank you, honestly and humbly, for the nomination, you are indeed a very kind and generous person, and I hope we meet up someday.

These seven things are about me personally, some are nice, others maybe not.

1 – I am in continual self doubt about any of my abilities. I do however, rise up to challenges, and do not let my self-doubt erase my ability to see that even I can do something.

2 – I really am a horrible picky person about food. I have lived in a city for 20 years that thinks a condiment is the greatest thing ever, and I find it insufferable.

3 – I used to drink. Please understand that I used to drink a lot, a fifth a night at times, and constantly every night. I never drank at work however, I have always taken work, even my crap job now, seriously enough to stay sober for it.

4 – I used to smoke a lot of marijuana as well. I mean copious amounts of ganja. Yeah, you could say I was a bit of a tosser, and not worth much to most people.

5 – I may have said this before, but I play bass, electric 4 string bass. I am pretty good at it, and do well in spontaneous music comps. As a matter of fact, it is all I really enjoy, is having a band that can just pick out three chords and get on the groove. Give me a good drummer and a lead guitarist, and I have played some of the best music ever heard. Only thing is, not many people understand music, nor like it played like that, so music has also been subdued in my life. I also don’t care about proper music theory, I find it is retarded to do anything more elevated than good noise.

6 – I do not watch television, and as result, I rarely have a lot to engage people with who have spent their whole lives watching the damned thing. I call it the Fool’s Lantern. Recently I enjoyed a show with my baby though, so maybe I am coming off that high tower.

7 – I am dyslexic. Not horribly so, and I can read decently, but left or right can confuse me in the right circumstances.

Here my nominations for the inspirations I have found, all were interesting to me on one level or another.

1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

5 –

6 –

7 –

8 –

9 –

10 –

11 –

12 –

13 –

14 –

15 –

None of these are in any particular order, and just to prove it, finding Rachel Pollack on this WordPress thing was amazing, having been an influence on me for twenty years. I also do not expect responses or grats or anything, to be honest, it is just for fun and a good bit of networking to the new things I am learning here.

Now I am new to this, so please let me know if I get it wrong, but basically, you write a blog in which you have to thank me for nominating you to the award, tell the world 7 things about yourself, and pick 15 more winners that have inspired you. If you have already been picked, consider it a good bit of flattery and move on. I am certainly happy about being chosen, and I am very happy to pass the award on to all of you. It is fun, interesting, and made me get into the community a bit more than I had up till now. Thanks again lighteningpen, I wish you the best in your endeavors.