Ancient Henry – unfinished

by cunningstuff

This is an older piece, and I am just interested if it has anything to it. Having it put out so folks can see, well, I am always welcome to feedback, but that is the point behind this piece, it was done before I decided to become a writer. It is a lot angrier in tone, but then again, I tend to be a lot angrier in tone than most. Everything after this sentence was written over two years ago.

Ignorance increases.

Welcome to modern society. All those things we were taught to hate, we have become. All the morals of thousands of years are not enough to teach us. To release your hold on the material world, and let your true self through, is the most abusive terrorist conspiracy inspired stupid backasswards way of approching things ever. We can only learn the moral of the news, LOST Little White Girl Hour, hosted by Layered Haircut.

You know of what I speak. While fat kings feast on thrones above the world, in isolated and regal splendor, eating only the most fresh of foods, hand grown and picked by personal chefs, catered to by the empire of banks, they push to enslave and kill us all. They enslave us with idle desires, that our team wins, that we can own a … very little piece of property they take back when we die. That our next self absorbing piece of technology will again be hacked and sold, cordoned off from truely being used. And space, our true final frontier, has been shut down to an amusement park. Mars? Fuck you, 2035. Or maybe even later.

What about a very common sense idea. The Earth, is the property of the human race. The human race has come to a point in time where ownership by private interests only ruins the lot for the whole.

This is a story of what could have happened

Henry asked, “You ready to start?”

I shake my head, “Nuh-n… Not yet, is twenty minutes or so ok?

“Ah good, I’m going to fix a sandwich.”

Henry was like any other old fart from the mid gens of the late nineteen hundreds. Fat, a bit lazy and slobbish, for the first time in his life, he was truthfully happy. He stepped back in the kitchen with a vigor he had not felt in decades. His age was instantly identifiable, as was his style. Most folks had switched over to one of the hundreds of cheap but comfortable unisuits, so Henry’s athletic pants and jacket from the old days stuck out like a sore thumb on a pale skinned princess. His stomach was distended and scarred, and you could see it at odd times when he moved, he was once grossly obese.
Henry’s skin and hair showed his age, and unhealthy beginnings to. Dry scalp, skin cancer scars from removals, dentures, and the cane all showed a man who was basically, lucky to still be alive. His eyes smiled though, and tended to look you right back, eye to eye. If the soul was in the eye, Henry made sure you could see it.
He moved around the tiny kitchen with an easy grace, belied by his age.

“Henry, what keeps you so young mate? I hope I get around like you when I am your age.”

A big guffaw cracks out so loud I flinch. “Bwahahahaha! You needlenose, your gonna be young your whole life, for hundreds of years. I am old, and my bones ache, and I sometimes yearn for the big sleep. If the brain transplant takes, I might make it for a bit longer, but I did a lot of stupid things when I was young, back before the big change. This old tired model is just happy he could see into the future a bit.”

I was reluctant to begin anyways, I was told being nervous was not a good state to be duplicated under, and since it was my first time, I had plenty of time to hold off if I wanted. Henry seemed in a rare state, talkative and personal. Usually he was all business, get the job done, duplicate, move on to the next person. I had assisted him twice before, as were the two assistants in the living room assisting us now.

“Mate, I can’t relax. I need something to distract me, and well, ever since I met you, I have always wanted to ask you to teach me about the old days, before the changes. You seem… so distant when you mention them.”

“Because distance lad, is the best way those days are kept.” He looked at me with those eyes, curious if I was being honest about him. A long breathy sigh escaped him, and he continued,” I dare say, mate, you do not actually want to hear about those days. Evil it was, and demeaning, and you, you have a beautiful world to live in.”

“I need to know why I am nervous, I need something else other than what I know.” My eyes got a bit moist, it was hard telling someone a weakness, no matter how much you learned what it is worth in class.

Henry slathered a large amount of black bean curd on some bread, studiously avoiding talking.

“Henry look… I don’t mean to pry. But Dad’s gone to Mars, Mom’s shut down, and I live this stupid life. I dunno how I am supposed to handle being a citizen. I mean, I know we have access to all the information, I know we have groups and advisers and all kinds of tools to help us, but I don’t know whether I am doing anything right. It all seems to easy, get duped, get a vote, get everything you need…

Henry sat everything down, turned and looked at me, one hand on his hip, a finger of his other hand on his lip.