It was Weird

by cunningstuff


Image courtesy cc license

It was weird, growing up at the end of the industrial age. Everything was so simple, so easy to understand. Records, yeah I had them. I would still own records, but I am to cheesy to carry them anymore, such a hassle, when I can play anything I want from my computer. Speaking of computers, I have a history that goes back to 1980 and the school librarian asking me how to get programs loaded onto the Apple II. Looking back, it was also the beginning of the entertain me washout. People going to others houses to watch this new thing, cable. No commercials! I think what a laughing-stock that is today. Let’s grab 100 channels, all with commercials, and charge you for them. I saw the first broadcast of MTV, the whole video killed the radio star and all, and it was really neat, but still not what I wanted in music. We never had cable in our house, and all our phones were dial. I remember everyone singing Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” on the bus, on the way to fifth grade. I just think how easy it was for others, while my parents wanted to remain in the horrid old days. Even though we do not speak to each other, I would still like to be a fly on the wall for about a minute to hear my step dad snort, “Goddamn phones and everyone driving like a fucking idiot…” and my mothers reply, “Well honey, there are some good christians using them for good purposes.” Oh wait a minute, I have actually no desire to hear that shite, and it is weird to think that’s where a lot of the shite these days comes from, everyone having a voice but no power.

Where are we going with all this? Truth be known, thanks to the overt limitations of the current private ownership or totalitarianism that we call governments, we will probably not know for a long time. I do dream though, and being a dreamer, I know that eventually, we will be united against badly used power and imperialism, and the trappings that are left over from the days of yore to a new kind of world. I wonder, at the rate which things change, if those things will change in my life time, or if I am already to old to see the birth of a new dynamic, one of egalitarianism and resource sharing. Eventually, these tired old houses will fall, and we will have to replace them with something better. I swore off crying about the problems of the current world, because if you are smart you know the dire consequences of fiat system, and there are enough people yelling about it anyways. What intrigues me more, is what we will do when we get together and really actually evolve on the next step.

Absolutely my favorite thought is the idea of a world-wide establishment of peace and sharing. A world without war, without the suffering of the poor, with all people being fed and educated. I think within the span of 20 years, that future will produce more scientists, engineers, doctors, and researchers than ever before. I also think that populations will halt at about where ever they are, just like most populations have stabilized in first world countries. It is the uneducated poor who are driven, usually by a religion, to produce more and more children, consequences be damned, because they don’t even understand the concept of consequences. People will become educated in the basics, because the basics are now available to almost everyone. Not all poor people are impaired, by no means, the gardening movements in Africa and Cuba are exemplary examples of the beauty of an educated mind. Private ownership is really all that stands in the way of things changing. Education is there for everyone, just take a look at the massive and constantly updated Wikipedia, which I remember just a few short years ago was derided and ridiculed as a source of information, yet it is where I can learn about anything I want, even why General Lemonnier has an avenue named after him in Paris.

Which brings up the modern concerns we have now about information. I have only one recourse, only one argument, and it will never make sense in the crazy, crappy, backwards life we lead now, but I am going to state it firmly. ALL INFORMATION SHOULD BE FREE. Information is the method of control that all the powers that be use to keep us at bay… damn damn damn… damn damn and double damn… I almost ranted… Ok ok, deep breaths, deeeeep breaths. I don’t care who gathers what information, I like information, and we all liked to be informed, and once ALL information is freed to be used by all who want it, we will skyrocket to infinity… and beyond. Yes all this is cheese, pure cheese but imagine, anything, anything at all you want to know, it is probably somewhere on the web. I want to bake some cookies… recipe for all altitudes on the web. I want to learn how to write in Python and Java… all on the web. I want to… on the… I want… the web. Using basic cut up techniques, and the fun art of oversimplification, we can all see that we want the web, that we want to be informed, and that we want to live lives of giving and sharing, of learning and collaboration, to become greater, to raise our fellow man.

Yes, there are problems, but those problems can be worked on if we KNOW about them. The reason serial killers exist is because we don’t know about them. The reason lots of poor people are violent is because they have to struggle to get the basics, and do not KNOW about alternatives. I am egalitarian, anarchistic, and humanistic. I arrived at these ideas by research and understanding, not by arguing for more of a piece of it all. I am not rich, and I promise, I will never be rich, for any money I have will go to making the world the place I know it can be, just like Jacque did in Florida. No he was not complete nor did he cover what to do to change to such a vision, but damn it man, he built his vision!