Just to let you know

by cunningstuff

Just a very pretty picture of Orion, because I love blue stars, they are like my gorgeous love, rare and beautiful.

I hate missing out on writing three days in a row, it is stifling and boring.  My main puter is back up, and I will be back to chucking out my daily writes, so I do hope none of you who are reading miss me to much. For the geek in you, it was the power supply, it ran for five years, and it was a Rosewill 350 watt, considering it was less than 30 US, I have to give it a 5 star rating. Also, the EVGA 9400 1/2 gig card is still churning away, I thought it was damaged as well, but I just finished a nice game of League of Legends and won doing solo mid, so the card didn’t get damaged at all.

A few thoughts in short:

  1. Hajime No Ippo is my favorite anime of all time, it is the tale of a young and very shy geek who gets beat up, but becomes a boxer. It inspired me to lose weight and get on my bike and become something stronger.
  2. I love watermelons!
  3. Having two monitors… how does anyone ever do with just one?
  4. I still hate laptops.
  5. I do really love puppy linux, its pretty powerful, and filled the stop-gap I had for ten days flawlessly.
  6. I love writing more now than when I started this blog, there will much more coming!