Did You Say Atheist?

by cunningstuff

If this could only be my breakfast, I would become superman.

I am one to rant, I really am. In the normal day-to-day myself, I am constantly on the verge of being fired because that is what it is like to have a true opinion in ‘merica. I am one to speak their mind on the current level of corruption and the misguided ideals of the propaganda filled sheep, walking around in absolute abject disgust at all the stupidity I see all around me, not to mention the hurry up, don’t bother me, don’t even smile or look my way attitude that has taken over this country. I mean honestly, the only reason I brighten up at any future in this travesty of stomping poor people’s nuts into the ground with giant steel toed combat boots, is because I know some folks are not wasted, misled, or in denial with their heads up their asses. But there are two main issues I have stayed out of, and maybe, for both my readers and my friends who read this, I want to state why.

Atheism and the fundamentalists. It is a travesty of stupidity to ignore what people have been learning for thousands of years. It is also a travesty of stupidity to constantly argue with fools for the sake of proving them wrong. I always give my christian friends three warnings to lay off of the witnessing to me. I grew up in a bible belt city, and I already know all the tricks, traps, pamphlets and self congratulating arguments you can employ. If they insist on going past those three times, I will sigh belatedly, then laugh myself into oblivion at their behest. It is rude, yes, but I basically begged them to not do it, at that point, I am quite glad to rid those who desist in our friendship, because it was nothing but shallow empty shell of a friend, who had no respect for what I think. I will love you, my friends, no matter the religion you have decided to brainwash yourself with, but not to the point of dishonoring my tenants and understandings. Can you enjoy a game of League of Legends with me? Can we discourse the wild wanton attraction of space, science and computers? Can we enjoy a nice day, with quiet conversation at the park about how it is terrible what Steve is doing to his boy/girlfriend? I have no problems with anyone’s beliefs, until it approaches stupidity and disrespect. I am human, and having conversation and drama is part of living. I will not, however, abide by stupidity. On the other side of that argument, I will also not stand by constantly arguing with fools. I learned a long time ago, a foolish argument is one where only the fool will win. Facts mean nothing to a fool, they are foolish, and as such, have a wide disregard for anything like logic, reason, or education. A fool will count five apples (three sir!) when there are only two, because he has a foolish mind to allow him to. I have found there are many foolish arguments in the world, and many people take belief on their side, at least in ‘merica, as a reasonable approach to winning. To argue a belief is to invite the fool to win, because you have allowed their unjustified view to come to bear, and it is a ridiculous and tragic end of the argument, before you even begin. So as a flip off to all you black t-shirt wearing dipsticks of an atheist movement, why are you arguing with the fool? Use your damn intellect to solve the homeless problem, ffs.

That being said, there is much we do not understand. There are many questions in the universe, not everything in my life revolves around science and logic. I am a lover, a romantic, a heart on my sleeve kind of person, but I am well scarred by life in ‘merica. I only wear my heart around those I know who can handle it, and to this date, in my 43 years, it has been two people. I am not very open about the things I really love and love to share, because it only invites smirks and disbelief in those who do not understand. My empathy is very high, to high I believe, but it is what it is, so I am usually not arguing for myself, but rather the human race as a whole. An open mind, an honest opinion that knows it is just an opinion, those things are highly valued by me, and I find them rare, to the point of only one person I know that shares that same point of view, and that is my lovely Lady. We do not see eye to eye on everything, I tend to be more bleeding heart than she is, she tends to more positive than I, but she is smart, witty, and has her own store of knowledge that she shares with mine. We are in love, we are to be married, and we share everything, all our views, about everything together, and our relationship just grows stronger each day. I would like to see a world where people do the same thing on a much broader basis, and see how much love and information we could truly share.

And that is why I have no love for the bible thumping fanatic or the Hawkins slamming atheist. Both are idiots in their own way, because one of the first things a truly smart person learns to do is to communicate effectively with all people. In this era of imperialistic dogma and corporate politics, we need a lot more love and a lot less hate. It starts in your home, and your neighborhood, not in the cold rooms of marbled capitalism. We will never win over the earth to love and logic if we continue fighting about things that, honestly, do not matter. To be honest, the very first barrier is overcoming yourself, loving yourself, so you can learn to love others. I look in the mirror, and I only see myself, all my flaws and my decent bits, and I love it. I am who I am, and that is all I am saying, be yourself first, then when you love who you are, the world looks a lot better.