Inferring the Art of Spirit

by cunningstuff

My favorite candle, the simple white dinner candle, or taper candle.

When I was young, I remember getting into a Ouija board with my best friend and an unremembered person when we were still in high school. The three of us did a reading and got all spooked out, because of course we asked when we would die. I was basically a live fast die young kind of kid, and I remember it said I would die when I was 36. I am 43, so I have definitely outlived that prophesy… or did I?  I mean, my physical body is what we were asking about, in our minds, but did we actually touch some synchronous message, that let us in on some knowledge? I could concretely say in many ways, I died at 36. I was a punky, gothy party kid, I didn’t pay much mind to much at all, and because I was so smart, I could ignore a lot of things that others would worry about at that age. But that life, the life I used to lead, well, that’s kind of when it went away, and I got terribly depressed. I became a hermit, where as before, no matter where I lived or who my friends were, I would live rather loudly and large. After 36, I did not go out anymore, I left the goth scene, I left the punk scene, and I went about life. I actually tried to eat myself to death, and came quite close to succeeding. I also put an end to my love of spirituality, and became obsessed with only science and facts, forgoing a large part of my life that before was very much alive and thought about.

I do not think though, as I recover from all those bad years, that I ever meant to leave it all behind. I know the very act observation influences things, and by things I mean particles and humans. Knowledge of the brain and the human state of mind has made Derren Brown a genuine trickster of celebrity status, and one well deserved. I stopped reading tarot for a long time after I watched him act the psychic with various 20 somethings from around the world. But now, I want to do it again. I am finding there was something very special and actually, rational about what I was doing. I was asking answers of myself, and I was giving them. I was asking answers of others, and telling them what they wanted or sometimes needed, to hear. I was never manipulative for money’s sake, I always endeavored to be the most honest and truthful I could be with my readings. I am at the point now where I am curious about where I could take that. I also did a lot of visualizations, and while for the most part it was of no benefit for me, it would benefit those who needed comfort or security greatly.

I think it is very possible, that these are the tools that Carl Jung would talk about in his books and lectures, of how the spirit of the human was a powerful tool, and how consciously developing those tools could help people. Our modern society has become unstable, lead by the rich and the bigoted, pushed by propaganda and horrible marketing, and just about the only thing that anyone pays much attention to is a video anymore. Not true for me, not true for you, my dear readers, but definitely true for the bulk of 1st world humanity, a large portion of the second, and even a sizable portion of the third world communities. Television and media have created an onslaught of constantly shifting and changing images, fleeting glimpses of non information, and maybe some of these tools would be of help in such a confusing world.

Here is a very simple meditation and visualization exercise that anyone, without any training can do, and produces interesting and happy results. You do not have to go to great lengths or learn complicated meditation rituals, but it does work best if done with a close friend. Over the next few nights, we are going to have a nice, bright full moon. Take one white candle, and take a short walk into a clear space, away from your house. You can drive or bus out if you live in a skanky neighborhood, but the intention is to just find a safe spot outside, in the light of the full moon. Semi full, full, it does not really matter, but be outside, away from any phones, tv’s, or computers. All you need to bring is one white candle. There is no need for worship or prayer or anything, all you do is stand, hold the candle in your hand, and imagine a thin white line of light coming down from the moon and connecting with the candle*. I find that about fifteen minutes to thirty minutes is all most of us have patience for, but it is enough. Now, while imagining it, hold the candle up to the moon and squint slowly, until the water in your eyes diffracts the moon’s light into beams and the points of the light diffraction touch the candle. Smile, tuck the candle away, and go about your business. The next time you have a tough situation, light the candle, and it will bring a smile to you, or at least a positive reference, and a better frame of mind for problem solving.

The psychology behind such an exercise is obvious, deliberate, and ultimately helpful. The thirty or forty minutes away from everything helps quiet your mind, the deliberate act of imagination helps you focus a quieted mind, and the lighting of the candle reminds you of that state. Simple, and it has no religion, no rituals, no convoluted or complicated reasoning behind it. I learned that trick from helping a friend who was wiccan to make a moon candle, but ultimately, he realized that doing the simple idea had far more repercussions for his state of mind than any manipulation or binding or remembering ridiculous verses ever did. I am interested again, and I miss thinking like that. I may have killed off the worst part of me, but the best parts are coming back to surface, giving art to my ideas and letting me be myself again.

*any simple white candle: a tea light, a dinner candle, a votive, nothing elaborate or silly, be smart and keep it simple and cheap.