The Two Jollies and Me – agent introduction

by cunningstuff

Another token note and experiment, with pretty picture!

Mostly from birth I have witnessed the downfall of man. We have become technologically amazing, but since we never got rid of early capitalist values, most of the good stuff has shrunk down to just a few cities. I am what they call a free citizen, and I have been all my life, because I tend towards scavenging off the old cities that were abandoned. My dad taught me how to “hack” old electronics before he succumbed to cancer, but he never told me why he called it that. I think it is because I have to hack off the covers of old electronics and get inside them. I have scoured most of the land I grew up around, but since we were by Googlity, I decided to try my hand out in one of the independent states. I took a hitch off a carbon tube trucker who was on his way to Koch City, and got off about halfway when his hydrogen ran out. Unlucky for him, he probably won’t outlive any of the road gangs, but I took off and found a well-traveled road that lead to Kansas.

I have only been here for about four months, and have done fairly well, most people here do not even have lights, when I met the Jollies. Marf was big, and I mean like, giant. He was 2 meters tall and built like one of those old highway hills, slowly sloping up from the ground to a slight rise above his shoulders where his head was. Jackson was the complete opposite, maybe 1.3 meters tall and always clothed, but when an arm showed or a leg popped out, it looked kinda of like an old mechanical clock, all knots and wires and coils ready to go. They rented an industrial space that had been a storage area for one of the big corps before they gave up trying to convert older cities over to their megalopolises, it was owned by the police army, funny enough. I was hacking an old computer box for magnets and leds to put on my electrocycle when they found me.

“Hey Marf, this’n here looks tuh be smarts and handy”

I stopped and looked around the darkened old store I had found the box in. I was in a room with one window and one door, and the window was two floors up. The voice was above me, but all I could see was dirt, dust, and flayed paper peeling off  old rockwall. I crouched silently, hoping to spring from whatever was watching, or speaking.

A huge voice rose up through the floor, I could feel the vibrations of his voice through my tattered sock wraps.

“Imma founds mah sledges! Be right up!”

THOOM! A sudden impact in the building made the whole building shake, dust and white flakes of rockwall fell about me. I muffled a squeak, it was terrible, whatever had found me.

“Marf! Beez gentle, we wants this’n as friends!”

“Imma sorreez!”

Clumping steps started underneath me, where before the voice I had heard nothing. A small figure suddenly dropped through the ceiling, and a short man, wrapped in so many rags and scarfs I could barely see the human underneath, fell through the rockwall above me, dust and dirt rising all around the room. I covered my face with a cloth, so I would not breath the toxic fog he caused by falling onto the floor. After a few seconds the dust settled and I saw a sun aged face of about thirty, and kind of mousy, smiling at me from the opposite corner of the room.

“Eeeezy friend, eeezy. Imma not heres to causes you problems or hurts,” his face broke into the biggest smile you have ever seen on such a small guy while he spoke gently. “Imma here to help you, and you to help me, but I gotta warn you, Marf is big, but as nice as they come. We could help each other!”

He was closest to the door, so at this point, I figured, why bother running, he had proved to be stealthy and had a friend. I could escape to my cycle in due time, I have a knack for getting out of dirty situations. I tied the scarf behind my head and stood up slowly, so he could see I was not armed but for an old screwdriver.

“Tell your friend not to kill me, and let’s get out of this dust so we can speak proper,” I replied slowly, so he could see I was calm.

He laughed with a small giggle, and nodded. ‘Marf, we are comin out, don’t be swinging that hammer or anything, we gotta get out of this dust!”

We both dusted the bulk of the dry dirt off of us, and walked out of the room. We took the stairs and walked out the new gaping hole in the back. A bright blue and green tarp covered something about the size of a pile of old world 25 kilo bags outside, and we walked around it. I nearly jumped out of my skin when it moved, and said, “Hello.”

A hand the size of two people’s dinner plates came out of the tarp and stood open, at about where the short man’s head was.  In it was a 9 kilo maul, the kind that was made before the Great War,  with a new looking carbon fiber handle, apparently it had been inside the store, preserved from the ravages of time. The metal hammer head was as big as my head, and gleamed softly in the sun. I followed up the hand to the arm, which was connected to the largest person I have ever seen. His face was like a little boy’s, but the eyes where sharp, and showed the wrinkles of sun. I guessed him to about 2 meters tall and 300 kilos. He wore the tarp as a cape, and he was about as big around as he was tall. His arms showed no fat though his belly over lapped some old military pants he had on. It was like someone had taken a square of stone and carved a human out of it.