We can do what?

by cunningstuff

I like this picture, it reminds me that one day such horrible things like soldering points will be ancient tech.

My new relationship is a wonder based firmly in the age of the internet, one that is unbelievable on so many levels to a guy like me born in the 1960’s that I am  just going to talk about it a bit. I am an early adopter of the tech of virtual reality, and have been a regular user of the world of SecondLife since about a year after its inception. I am an early adopter of tech in general, and I remember creating short programs on my C64. I had two 5 1/4″  drives, and I worked on and around many BBS systems as well. My friends ran C64’s, atari 1080’s, and of course, the apple IIe. I remember playing DnD using the BBS text messaging system, and early forerunner to IRC. I remember IRC as well, and can remember when I found my first virtual world. Avatars were stacks of simple physical shapes, usually three, like three squares, a large, medium, and small square stacked and gliding around. Houses were simple and decoration almost nonexistent. I adopted skype as my tool for communication in 2004, and I am still agog at the way people have decided facebook, of all things, is the way to communicate. This is of course not so true outside of america, where in some third world countries, the word skype has replaced the word phone.

I consider cell phones ancient tech, I can not understand why the public insists on using outdated tech to make their way through the wilderness. I understand it for travelers, people in sales, truckers, and such, but seriously, the idea that we use voice technology for transmitting text is absolutely laughable to me. I can kin to the blackberry crowd, and smartphones are finally in common usage, but I had a Palm II, III, V, 125, and finally a tungsten C before the bottom fell out of palms and cell phones totally destroyed the idea of wifi being country wide. Now we are totally behind in all sorts of ways, as we let the telecoms decide our fate. I have a friend in Tokyo who pays 50 US a month, to have 50 kbps down and 7 kbps up. I pay 60 US for 7 down, and 1 up. Ugh.

The advent of cell phone tech instead of wifi has limited us in so many ways, and one of the biggest is the idea that we should have our data limited to certain amounts per month, so the damn telecoms don’t have to deal with what is an obviously expanding network of intelligence and data. I have geeked out in blogs before this, so I guess, this is a call for sanity in an ever shrinking world. I have said it before, and I will say it again, we will never be free until ALL information is free. I stand for freedom, I will always stand for freedom, and I think it sad that people have been propagandized into thinking otherwise.

All that aside, I also have great hopes for us in the now and the future. Free wifi has finally started to rise in public consciousness. People are starting to realize, not just people like me, but people in power and place to make change happen. I look forward to a time when basic internet access is free across all the world, or at least, let’s make it cheap. I hope for it, anyways. Streaming audio across the net has approached affordable prices, and video is going down. I can stream up to 100 listeners for about three US a month, and that is pretty damn cheap. Not at the highest quality, but at least the ability is there. Video is more in the range of 20 US a month, and still affordable, as long as you do not care if it is at pre-HD television quality. And if you use sites like Justin TV, there is no actual fee to begin streaming your own video. Quality is ok, and that is all you need to get started.

WordPress is another great system and idea who’s time has come. Free to start and cheap to maintain, the blogging world is coming into its own as a powerful system of information. I am quite pleased to be honest, I have tried blogging before, but the slick interface and the ability to go to my own server in the future in simple easy steps is so nice, I could almost cry. I do wish they would update and let us use google’s analytics on the free system, but I am happy with the stats page for now.

Now though, our problem is content. Over hyped marketing kills all it contacts, such as facebook, twitter, and others in constant use. The marketing industry is always all about taking dead horses and beating them with sticks, and even when there is naught but dust left, they will persevere. I hold high hopes for virtual reality, SecondLife is always at the top of the game, and other contenders are finally getting their punches in. I do not think Linden Labs will survive the coming upheaval, but they definitely showed the path to having a flexible, controllable world of information and creativity for users to fill with whatever they desire. I learned many things in SL, streaming, thinking in 3D, learning international culture, and it is all driven and run, for the most part, by people like you and me. Marketing is a lost cause when the society itself decides eh, go ahead and waste your resources, we will make things better for ourselves.

That is what I am really all about, and really excited about. If you want to learn, you can now. If you want to teach, you can now. Institutions of archaic imperialists are falling even as we speak, and our human future is clearly evident. We do not need to be told what to learn in horrible lab rat conditions, we are learning the power of information and data all on our own. One day, and not to far in the future I suspect, we will have all information available, and all the people of the world can come together. We will learn, teach, dance, sing, play and grow like the gods we are meant to be.