News that is Not Appealing

by cunningstuff

I used to be entranced by being a knight, but heh, then I discovered it really meant mostly killing unarmed people.

Covering heavy events like Syria, Bolivia, China, I feel is way out of my ability. I was asked why I do not cover current events much, since I covered CERN’s news of a new boson with so much gusto. I really took a step back and asked myself that question, and I want to address it now. I personally do not avoid news I do not like, or turn off my eyes and ears when something happens that I am against, or do not want to know about. I am fairly current, as current as a person who does not follow news or media can be.  I am aware of the deadly events in Syria, I try to pay attention to borderline countries like Somalia or in a more positive light, Bolivia. I do my best to keep up on it, but as far as getting involved beyond awareness, I am afraid I do not have much of a mind to do that.

When I was younger, I was once reproached and sent to the office by a “concerned teacher,” for having the slogans Nazi Punks F**k Off and Anti-Apartheid Now! on my punker torn sleeve vest. The vice-principle I was sent to was black, and while he listened to the teacher’s rant about how I was a disgrace and the torn sleeves of the vest was against dress code and I had a curse word on my clothing in public display, he cautioned me to be silent and have a seat. Afterwards he asked me if I knew who MLK was, and I replied, “Doctor King had a very egalitarian view, looking for all people to be free, why would I not know who he is?” His response was disturbing, even if we laughed, because basically, the teacher who took me to task had once asked him if all black people were related to Martin Luther King. I also got to see Nelson Mandela’s speaking tour when it stopped through Houston. Ever since, I have come to understand that there are people on this earth who only want to destroy humans.

This was when I was 16, 17, my early years. Eventually I dropped the punker look and just got on with life, having fun and learning when I could. I have never had to fight for my freedom, and now, as the stealthy take over of the world by the ultra rich starts to show its ugly face, I wonder if I will be too old to fight if that time ever comes. Since I am not a fighter, not by trade or fate, I have finally taken up the pen. With my pen, I hope to show what it could be like, to show hope and future where we are all doing great, not just the few of us who are lucky enough to do so. I first need to learn my trade, I am still not doing it for a living, so I do not think I am qualified to make arguments in writing when I am not writing for my bread. I intend of course, over the next few years, to entirely change that, and to have the pen as my only sword. I have continuously proven provocative to people who want to believe in the american myth, and I have lost jobs, been suspended, etc, etc,  for having an open mind and an open mouth.

Now I am coming to a new battlefield, and I am honing my knife’s edge with certainty, but I do not wish to engage openly just yet, and for many reasons. I think my real battle will begin when I write books, not articles and blogs. Here I am just staying current, getting used to putting my thoughts to words, I am just learning to write at this juncture of my life. I come from the white trash ghetto, and I know that this is entirely a different kind of battle. When I was young, you had to toughen up, get tough, and put on a tough face fast. I was big and strong, and no one ever wanted to mess with me, unless they had to prove to tougher people who would beat them up. I fought, and I even took it further and became a bouncer and a street fighter for a while, until guns became how people sorted things out on the streets. I left the city I grew up in and moved away, away from violence that has finally followed me here, and now I look forward to moving to a more peaceful part of the earth yet again. Now my battles will be with the  intellect, and I do not look forward to doing something like that unprepared.

This blog is part of sharpening my weapons, it is a way for me to learn the path of the peaceful warrior. I am taking on a new responsibility, and I will fight, it will come, but if you read here, you know where I stand as it is. I am not hiding, I am training for the real field of the mind. I want to be able to write and inspire, not depress. I want to have words that will make people realize what is truly at stake, not just enjoy the moment. I think that humanity has an impressive and beautiful future, and I do not want to be taken down into the dust and ground off into oblivion. The risk is obvious, we could lose our entire planet in the blink of an eye, and where would we be then? I think our future is far greater than an archaeological dig for some passing space men, instead I do think we could be the archaeological space team, finding new and discarded worlds in the future. I will not take on such responsibility until I feel I can write for such a great humanity, when my words can bring about the changes we need to find to create such opportunity. Right now, I am just a little guy with a penchant for words and flow, and when my brain and writing hand catch up, I will begin my greater works. For now, I am quite happy and well challenged writing this blog as much as I have. News that I can not write on right now is happening, so keep your eyes and ears open, we all need to learn and share to grow. I hope to be a part of that, and I hope for a larger future for all of us.