Fluid Coffee Chillout

by cunningstuff

It is right on the corner, you can not miss it!

Image courtesy Fluid Coffee Bar

I can not help but want to be loud when I drink coffee. My first encounter with a caffeine high was at a long gone place in Houston.  Run by punkers, they only sold art, pot, coffee, and wine, and in about that order, in between sets from awesome local bands. The pot was pretty much only for those in the know, the wine was horrible but the coffee was fresh, dark, and cheap, and the art was pretty much the best by unknown locals. I would laugh and carouse until I was pretty much a shaky nervous wreck, then go smoke and come back and start again. The not sleeping was probably the worst of the experiences, and a sudden flood wiped the place literally off its foundations. I was in that sort of mood, although I am sober these days, when I found Fluid Coffee Bar. I had a great ride on my bicycle, and I was looking for something to keep going when I got home and sat down to write.

I walked into the coffee-house, a little unsure of what I might find. I am not really an uptown resident, and although the separation between Capitol Hill and Uptown is but four blocks, there is a world of difference. Uptown is snazzy and new, Cap Hill is more rundown, if more diverse. I wanted an espresso or something though, before I headed in for the night, so I figure it would be okay. First thing I noticed on entering was the smell of coffee. I might be a bit snobbish on this, but if I do not like the smell when I walk in, I won’t buy a coffee. I go to some of these places, and it smells like cleaner, or worse, fucking nag champa. Instead I was greeted by what I want to smell, the smell of people ordering, making, and drinking coffee drinks. The music was nondescript but modern and decent, no Muzak console was heard. I took a look around and immediately noticed that this place is a very well equipped internet cafe as well. Found art was displayed prominently on the walls, and I figured, maybe its uptown, but whoever is running the joint has some taste. I walked straight to the counter, and looked up at the drinks. A tall thin man greeted me, told me his name was Brian. I asked for a macciato pulled long and he didn’t even hesitate. We talked coffee for a short bit, and I was very delighted, he is a well-rounded barrista, and proud of his work.

I then asked about the rates for internet rental, and it was cheap. WiFi is free of course, it is just using the shop’s computers where there is a charge. I know I can run over here if I ever need to, in an emergency, and I just need to bring a fiver to be on all night.  The shop is laid out in a large L-shape, but thanks to nice placement of various refrigerators and furniture, there are nooks and crannies where you can have a private conversation.  Aside from the tables and chairs area, and the couch area, there is also a presentation room for gatherings. I really like the layout, it is something you do not see often, a place where you can relax, do business, or just have a game of chess. Plenty of space, and even if it was crowded, there is an outside patio, just so many places to sit. I was rather loud and boisterous, as is my want, and few of the patrons looked like they would rather me not be so loud. From the glances I got I was disturbing them, but to be honest, it’s a freaking caffeine bar, go home for silence, it is not a library. Brian was a font of knowledge, and talked about using NOVO coffee, being sure that I knew it was proper and decent, with humanitarian results for all. We talked about weight loss, and he was glad to hear about how I had changed over the years, and in general, made my evening pleasant, so I ignored the other patrons. I think that in an earlier time of day, this is a great place to hang out, but at night, well yuppies really do think the world should shut down and be quiet so they are not disturbed. I still intend to go often, as I have been made to feel at home by the staff.

If I go south, well, I have another favorite I use, but anytime I am heading north or to downtown, I am stopping here. The coffee bar is well staffed, they have this caramel pecan brownie I have no interest in eating ever again… until I murder someone for the money to buy another… There are vegetarian eats, scones, sandwiches, and my favorite thing was cups of fresh fruit and bananas.  Over all, the entire place is a wonderful space, and it shows well in Uptown. If you are close to close to 19th and Pennsylvania, I cannot argue for a better stop to refresh the batteries of both body and mind. Denver needs more spaces like this, I miss Muddy’s, I miss my punk warehouses, and I have finally, after many years, found a worthy replacement. I am tempted to come here and do popsicle stick art and drink coffee until my nervous system shuts down, and maybe annoy a few yuppies while I am at it.

01 E 19th Ave, Denver, CO 80203 | Map
720.519.4681 | info@fluidcoffeebar.com
HOURS: Mon-Fri 6:30am-10:00pm / Sat & Sun 7:00am-10:00pm