Lost in Conversation – Playwriting

by cunningstuff

Sports? What sports? Two people killing each other? Oh, you mean boxing?

Agent One: Hey now, don’t talk about sports. I love sports.

Agent Two: Why not? You wanted to know what was wrong with society, you asked me to explain.

1: I didn’t want you to tear everything down, I just want a synopsis.

2: Well there is no such thing. Our society is large, and you must look at all the involvements, not just what you want to hear.

1: Well give it to me then, but I am telling you right now, you are wrong.

2: How am I wrong? You are just like the baby boomers, lets fix stuff, but leave my little charade of piety alone. Sports are dangerous thought killing machines, and they are designed to motivate you to entirely the wrong thing.

1: I do not see how that is true, you are so full of shit, I think you might even stink up the room.

2: Only because it is an affront to everything you have been programmed… sorry, taught, to believe. I watched jocks get passed from class to class, not all, but certainly the prize players never had a problem in any class they went to, and if they did, they were just moved to the same type of class that just happened to be taught by an ex coach.

1: I didn’t get passed without having to learn the teachings.

2: Were you a prize player? Did the team revolve around you?

1: I was popular, people liked me, I played hard.

2: Pretty much every other jock had the same idea, but my point remains, and you avoid it. Were you the top player, or one of the top players? On the field every game, every inning?

1: I don’t see what that has to do with it.

2: Everything. I was a … hmmm…. Well, lets just say I was important to my class. I got passed from grade to grade, from 6th grade on. I was not a jock, but like them, I got a free pass until 12th grade, when they did everything to kick me out, and succeeded.

1: So you were not a jock, how can you say what you were saying?

2: Because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the mechanics to do it existed. I knew some of the jocks after school, and they got the same treatment. It is amazing how drugs can let a tongue loose from people who hated me before.

1: You are just talking high school anyways, I don’t see how it affects me now! I have a family, I take care of my kids, I work, I do all the stuff I am supposed to do, and you want me to turn off my television for the few hours I actually enjoy life!

2: My point exactly.

1: You are simply ridiculous. That makes no sense at all.

2: Of course it doesn’t because you can’t see what I am trying to say. First of all, you don’t have much time at all, do you?

1: Nope, it’s wake up, work, get the kids, work, go to sleep. If I am not working, then I have to help around the house while my wife works. Raising kids through all that is just… I don’t even know where to begin. Then Sunday, I put the kids in the yard, and I watch my games.

2: It doesn’t niggle you in any way that you work much more than your dad?

1: My dad worked hard all his life!

2: Yeah, but did your dad work two jobs, and your mom one?

1: My dad worked for the railroad, and mom never worked, she was at home taking care of…. Oh I see what you’re trying to get at. Well, times ain’t what they were, we all know that.

2: I don’t think times were what they were at all. For one, I have not made one iota more than I did 30 years ago, i have no benefits, no retirement, and no money to get benefits. My rent is literally one half my wages I take home, and then I haven’t even bought food.

1: You live on your own though, no kids. If you had kids you would have a tougher time, I guaranty you that!

2: I know, but my point is still lost on you. There was a lot less automation back in the times of our fathers, a lot less computer work, a lot more manpower needed to run things. A CPA could only handle so many clients, without hiring more people, because a human can only write so much in a given time. Now a CPA can handle thousand’s of clients, as far as the math is concerned. Back then, the CPA would hire a young kid out of college, teach him the biz, now the CPA wants another CPA with his experience, and no kids from school, there has to be experience. Jobs have turned inwards for resources, not outwards.

1: I can see your point on this, but it still makes no sense.

2: Because power is never given, power is only ever taken.

1: How does me watching sports on the weekend have anything to do with this? I use a computer at work, yes! I use a cell phone, yes! I don’t see how sports, oh my blessed games, for fun and relaxation, has anything to do with it!

2: Do you ever remember anything?

1: What? Now you are just being insulting.

2: I remember when only four of the adult men in my family would watch the game. The rest of the men sat around talking about work, or tools, or some such, like maybe hunting or fishing. It would be thanksgiving, and the whole family would be over, there were maybe two guys shouting about this or that, but mostly, it was a general hum of conversation. There would be one or two shouting about catch it, catch it, but mostly, the women cooked and gossiped, the men, hummed through it all until the dinner was served. And once the dinner was served, sports were over, tv off, people talking to each other.

1: I don’t remember, I was a kid.

2: We aren’t getting anywhere with this.

1: You’re the one who started it. Talking about how my sports was the worst thing in the world.

2: I give up.


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