How to Love Each Other

by cunningstuff

We should be free and dancing, not owned.

I have ranted over and over on the problems of our current society. It an old rant, and its one we all know. Reading back through my blogs, I realized I haven’t yet stated why I go on so. It is pretty simple actually, we used to be in an open system. You don’t like it here? Go forge a new community, go forth with your stuff and build a new village. Go find some open land and build your new family. Find a useful partner and marry her/him, and make your way. Absolutely impossible now, unless you are really good at finding finances and chances, or just get lucky. Most people on the planet are under ownership, in some form or another. I do not own my apartment, my landlord does. Actually he doesn’t own it, the bank does, and the bank is basically owned again. It goes on and on, and there is the problem with our society. I am not a utopianist, but every time I call this out and speak out the solution I see, I get called a dreamer.

I do dream, I dream that one day, before we kill ourselves off, we will shrug off this horrible hierarchical idea of capitalism and approach the world with our new knowledge. We now know the world is a closed system, and that there really isn’t anything left unowned. The next step is recognizing that and using a new solution to our problems. It is not the perfect solution, but it is a step in the right direction. Resource management is the next step to our galactic future, and it is presented in many different ways by many different people. One of the most well-known ways is the Federation from Star Trek. They banded together, decided to take care of each other, and removed poverty. The next step was unifying their resources to educate everyone, and then bam! We are soon traveling to the stars. I do not see how anyone can fool themselves into believing that ownership is the proper way to do things, when all that happens is people force other people to die.

I was born here, people in Somalia were born here, everyone was born on this planet. If we do not find a way off the planet and get into the solar system soon, we could be the new extinct species of earth. One high-speed comet from outside our knowledge can end life here in one blow. Basically, we all have a stake in this, and if we allow the current path to continue, we will get a nasty ending. We could end it all by changing the way we do things. Money is not needed to spread resources, just decisions and knowledge. Use oil to build solar systems. Use solar systems to get an electric grid planet wide. Feed people, and not worry about how much it costs, it is a resource, just manage it. Same thing goes for education, shelter, medicine. I never hear solutions, I just hear costs. Once we were a proud race, and we did things. Now we let bean counters tell us what we can and can not do. Sure there are visionaries, but this is going to take everyone on earth to get it done. If all people come together to help settle the whole solar system, we prolong our race by millions of years.

The first step is recognizing the removal of ownership. Property is something created by kings, to stay in power. They begged and bargained until they owned it all. When I was studying Law of the Sea, I realized a horrible idea that had been perverted into actual serfdom, in our modern country. The U.S.A. is a corporation, whose people are considered corporations under ownership, yes, ownership of the US. Who owns the US? A good question, and funny enough, although the true owners have never shown their deed, it is thought to be the British Royalty. It doesn’t matter who owns it, the point is to get rid of that system. People who own things covet them, and want to continue owning them. The horrible idea spreads all the way down to us, the common people of the world. We are left thinking we must own things to be ahead, we must own houses and cars to keep good jobs. Truth is, we don’t even need to work that hard to make it all happen. Maybe 10 hours per week would be enough manpower to keep the entire world afloat with food, medicine, shelter, and education.

We could start with one small village, say 5000 volunteers. Give them enough land and materials to build a self-sustaining and self supplying village. Once it is built, they spread that knowledge to 5000 more. Once the math is going, it would not take 10 years to convert the entire world over to a low-cost self-sustaining system. No more planned obsolescence, build things to last. Build clothes to last, build transportation to last. Engineer transportation like they do power stations, designed to run 100 years at a time. Improve computers to really run for hundreds of years, really design clothes to last a lifetime. We are not designed by nature to be stuck in dull repetitive jobs where we move money around, so that the ultrarich can continue being ultrarich, but instead educate everyone, so that we may find our next Einstein.

I would work for free, if I thought it would help us all. I hate working a sad mind numbing job, it is one of the reasons I decided to write. I am just spouting off here, but my real work involves this idea. A resource based economy, in a closed system, where crime and theft are removed, because there is no cause for them. I haven’t quite worked out how it starts, but to be honest, that will be the basis for my first book. We can change things, I do not understand why people in power get their rocks off killing millions, even billions of fellow humans. Maybe one day soon, the world will see what we really could do, and then, well, I feel sorry for those guys. They could have been the Gods of all mankind, the people who started our race properly. Instead they will be a footnote of evil mean-spirited people in a history book in the future, reviled and spit on for all time.