Concrete Movement

by cunningstuff

We have the key to unlock our world and our future.

Another title I fooled with is why am I not fighting for occupation? They took way to long, and I think it misses the point. I do know a lot of people’s hearts were in the right place, they really were, but a leaderless movement is eventually going to fizzle out. I went down to the Denver occupy, and all I got was a lot of weed smoke and empty bottles of malt liquor, while drums pounded out really senseless rhythms. I really wanted to believe that people were indeed fed up, but really it seemed that everyone just wanted a free ride out of nowhere. I have done enough reading to know that unless you got something to trade, you are gonna sit right where you plop your ass, and that’s basically what happened, all over the country. Getting rid of apathy is like trying to get rid of dust, it just generally lays around until you wipe it up with some energy.

Oh sure, there were plenty of pamphlets and hollering and whatnot, but I didn’t see anyone trying to think their way out of the box, but instead, just wanted more box. It is very simple to me, as long as ANY group hold a, b, and c, there will be another group denied. We have to stop the capitalism at its root, which is owning. I know lots of people have talked a lot better about this than me, and a lot of people will disagree, but as I see it, you must have management of resources, not ownership. No one owning anything means there is no reason to steal, to manipulate, to be tyrannical, to push others around. I do not see how we will ever be able to get anywhere as long as there is a group of people who own things. Owners do not want to lose what they own, and that includes me. I have to live in this awkward system, and I wish it to end.

So how do we end it? Well, it’s called resource management. I really love this idea, it is one of the best I have heard. Being that we are born on earth, are made of the materials on earth, and we now know earth is a closed system, we should have access to the earth. We live in a world where we can not have the very rainwater that falls upon our roof. You are not allowed to dig for minerals, and all the good stuff was bought up ages ago anyways. Nowadays, if you don’t hold a multi-million dollar corporation, you are going to have to outsource every single bit of product you have. The truth of it however is simple, most of the money and power in this world is tied up in a very tiny few people, people who do not want to see the wealth and power of the old age end. We have to strip them of the power they hold, because until we do, we have no resources to use, no way to manage things in a positive and constructive manner.

Here are two words that very clearly tell me what we are up against, planned obsolescence. Cars could be built to last for 4×10¹º kilometers, lasting several lifetimes. Alone that would stop a serious drain on the people of the world. Eventually we would just have tons of cars lying about, and people would realize that mass transit systems are really the way to go. All of the stuff we buy has a built-in death sentence. I find it disgusting, almost nauseating when I think about how things are built to break, so that you have to buy new things. Art has an idea of temporary things, music as well should be temporary, but cars? Lamps? Pitchers? Schools? Why is anything built to fall apart? It is not like we are on a camping trip to the city, to live in a house that is designed to fall apart in ten years, but in a way, that really is what we have to put up with.

Houses could be built cheaply, schools, hospitals, parks, so many things could be built cheaply, and built to last hundreds of years. The reason they are not is because of a small word called profit. One billion people are starving because there is no profit in feeding them. Profit makes your car last 6 years instead of 100, profit makes your electronics built to fall apart at 2-3 years instead of 20, profit is cause by the system we live in, and it is profit that kills the poor. Buckminster Fuller designed a cheap housing system that, had it been implemented, would have housed everyone on earth by now. SO many things can be done in the name of mankind, but instead, capitalism destroys any human oriented ventures long before they even get started.

The consumer cycle has to be stopped. We need powerful changes, or we are going to use every decent high energy source on earth, and because nothing was done to stop them, lose our internet, the first world-wide instant communications system. Already controlled and spied on into infinity, our greatest learning tool and communications system is being usurped by the powerful and the few, much to our detriment. Information is being lost, access is being lost, and we are getting bombarded into submission by a relentless and power-driven media. No alternatives are being brought forward, and anything that smacks of rebelling against the capitalists gains is never shared. I know we will come out on top, but never forget, these guys still control the military, the courts, the congress, the president, the banks, the food, the world. Power is never given, only ever taken. I will be writing to show two different views in my books next year. One will be the post capital leftovers and the other will be what could happen if we start changing things now. I look forward to being more specific than this blog can ever be, in the short time I write it. I wanted to put the ideas out there. Things are wrong, very wrong, and they could be made very right in just a very short time, 3-4 years on an accelerated schedule.  Resource based economies, not hierarchy based capitalism.