Love for All Mankind

by cunningstuff

You are not you without we.

The other day I wrote a little love song for my beloved, and I also let you all know the softer side of me. I am not shy about how much I love this lovely lady of mine, and I never shall be. If I was at a hunters club and my best friend asked me if I was holding my lady’s hand, I would stand up and hold it up above my head. I would then ask if any of the other men were manly enough to hold their ladies hands, or if they were all pushed around by some bullshit machismo because some dead animals were on the walls. My love is for real, I love her more than anyone on earth, I have no intentions of hiding my love from anyone, instead I am proud to be in love with her, and I will antagonize anyone with a half assed idea of what my love might not be with adulation for my lady. I love her fiercely, with pride, and with honor. I would wear her kerchief, even if it be flowery and pink and laced, and wear it proudly anywhere she asks. I do not think love makes me weak, instead, I know love makes me strong.

Now there is another kind of love as well. This is the love for your fellow-man. We need to care about every human on this earth. We are a loving, caring race, not the race of predestined sin. I ask you, the only innocents among us are babes who can not speak, but there is a belief these children are evil. I must argue, we are not that way, we evolved to be empathetic to each other, to care about each other. I do not know how to teach us to love, but americans, you need to start caring not only about yourselves, because we don’t care about ourselves, we consider ourselves basically worthless, we need to care about all mankind. We will never solve these problems untill we learn to love all, all of mankind.

I know this to be true, there is only one species of human. Science can classify differences in our single species, but we are still one species. We have to love all of ourselves, we have to drop this idea that things happen to other people. One human repressed is one human to many, it means it can happen to any of us. One human without food, is the fact that all of us could be found hungry. Our love must reach beyond the limited circle of dipshits on facebook, it must be for all people. When people die to oppression, its is all of us being oppressed, pushed, limited by powers that do not need such power.

Crime is because people are too poor, we were never meant to be this poor. I mean all of us, there should not be a single starving person in the entire world, when there is enough food for us to all eat. Everybody wants to know what is wrong with the world, well, really, it is the lack of love for our fellow-man. I would like to point out how everyone talked about the movie shooting in Aurora but hardly a soul mentioned the Sikh temple shooting. We should care about all women and children, not just the ones who match skin color. We should care about the women getting acid dumped on them because they stand up for themselves. We should care about the republican who claims some mystical power keeps rape victims from being pregnant.

We can care for each other much easier than hate each other. Love begets love, hate begets hate. I find it disgusting that we still allow the rich and powerful to be imperialistic for the price of a gas tank. We can care for each other much easier than we can fight each other. We can turn the whole world around in one generation, just by caring for each other. I saw this project some kid came up with, where they install solar panels in rural villages, then CHARGE the people who live there for free solar energy. We could change the whole world with love, make friends instead of enemies, and learn tolerance and friendship instead of bigotry and prejudice. I am more than willing to share my atheist attitude of love with a christian, but that christian is being intolerant and hateful to me and my friends, solely because we are atheists. The world is starting to look ugly, and the only way out of such ugliness is love.

Love the thief, the junkie, the politician, and love them unconditionally. When we come to the talking tables with love, we can change everything we want to. The powerful want us to hate, because if we ever unite in love, they will become powerless. You can not kill someone who is loved, you can only turn them into martyrs. Loving each other is the path of righteousness, and it is the path I want us to start on.  We could come together in love, change the bad life of all our fellow-men, simply by learning to love each other rather than hate. I am ready to start this way, but I fear no one understand that love is the path we need to follow. I hear hatred and anger, but never love and understanding. We have learned it is a hard life that makes a hard person, very few criminals come from the soft side of town. Usually those that do, you find out they had a hard life anyways, scuffing and fighting to change things. I am ready to stop fighting, and start loving, first locally, then worldwide. Love can move faster than light, and you can trust in love. You can never trust in hate.

I only say this repetition in love, with love, that we may learn to love each other. Please try it, and see what a difference love can make. Love someone you have hated, and you will soon understand why they did the things they did to make you hate them.