Time to Soften Up, and be Less Sensitive

by cunningstuff

This is the look I give asshats.

I work in the public eye, although I can not really say where. I work in a bottle shop as well, and that means, for the most part, I am around adults. Well, what passes for adults in america anyways. Now I usually am harping on the superpowers, but today I am going to harp upon us a bit. Part of my survival comes from being a wanna be  stand up comedian, my shtick so to speak, is making people laugh with bold remarks that are meant to be funny and entertaining. I fully believe that being entertaining is not something that is polite or socially the diversity training era, but rather like Mel Brooks, I like to make fun of the stupid things we all do. Ethnic cultures are just that, if you are on a smart phone and you are talking to your friends half a world away, you are no longer entitled to hack at old ropes and social miscues. I find you wearing one of those horrible giant alligator izod shirts, expect me to talk about how you never got to be a preppie back in the 80’s. Texting on a device that is capable of running a mmorpg with a built-in camera is going to make me call you a fucking hipster, although riding a fixie and calf tattoos will also get you that. It a big wide world out there, and there are plenty of ways we are fucking up, and I am just the person to point them out.

What happened to our sense of  courtesy? I was at the grocer’s today, getting some veggies from the produce section, when this guy just squeezes in between me and the display. I was not harsh, I was not loud, I was feeling confrontational though, so I just said,” Hey, excuse me still works.” He ignored me with aplomb, and I went on to shopping. I had shopped for probably a half an hour when he snuck up behind me and said, in a highly aggressive and angry tone, “Good night to you, sir!” I turned around and said, “It could not possibly be your lack of courtesy that started this, huh?” He responded, “Fuck you.” It was that bored fuck you, the one that says, I am passive aggressive and you can’t do shit to me. I am still getting over the smokes, so I kept it going like an asshat, I yelled “Fuck you! You are a dick! I can meet you outside, if it would please yah!” I was so damn mad. Yes, I should have kept my ass clean, but dammit, I am so tired of these little toads going around being passive aggressive just because they have no fear with this damn police state. The security guard knew me, so he asked what was wrong, not the usual hey buddy you’re in the wrong. He said he’s never seen that guy before, and to calm down, don’t get in trouble with the police. Of course I am not going to go that far, I have too much to live for now, but for a minute, I was the old punker, sick and tired of asshats being asshats, and getting away with it because their mom is not allowed to spank them.

Time for me to soften up, and be less sensitive. I have to go on a binge and get off my high horse, but I will no longer take bullshit from people who act like they are the shit. I am courteous, to a point, and I expect others to be that way as well. I am a big guy, so I am constantly going sorry, excuse me, excuse, pardon, sorry. I want to see more people apologizing for being rude, and fewer people apologizing because they want to add or subtract a purchase at my register. I want to see people apologize for what it is meant for, not minor inconveniences, but alas, I am alone in my whinging. Some folks might agree with me, but I don’t care, it’s really just a rant about rude americans, and there is something no one will be surprised at. I actually don’t game with americans much, if I can help it, looking instead to late night games with aussies and kiwis, and a few early day europeans. I have a few american gamer friends, but to be honest, they are either to old and don’t care about the games I like, or they are to young and the rudest jerks in the gaming world. I have literally one gaming friend, just one, who lives in the same city as I do, and that is another thing I am looking forward to, getting to play games in another country with people who can relax and enjoy it.

I really don’t know where I am going with today’s post, this is definitely one of those chunked it out writings, mostly just this horrible hodgepodge of emotions. I am still trying to get my emotions under control from the nicotine, and I don’t expect to be that good at it for a couple more weeks. I hope that it is soon, but I will say this, aggggg don’t ever start smoking, if for no other reason than to not go through this horrible set of emotions. I am fragile, and I need to be nicer. Soon I won’t be emotional aggromiester, and I can go into public without scaring all the little american toadies. I swear though, some of those guys could really use a swift smack in the chops.