League of Legends – Esports – NA Regionals – TSM vs. MME Ferus

by cunningstuff

She uses glue to hold that thing up… it has to be glue. STRONK glue…

PAX Prime is hosting the League of Legends North American Regionals this year, and maybe every year. The response was so big that they had to do an extra day to fit everyone in. I was off today, so I got to watch the quarterfinals. Now I am not a fan boy, but I do cheer for TSM. They were the first off-Riot web team I got into, and I still think TSM has the best guides. I been going to their website for almost two years now, and Xspecial basically was my inspiration to begin to play with some heart. So if there seems to bit of pro-TSM spin here, understand I am just doing my thing.

First, a bit of definition and basic understanding:

  • TSM – Means Team Solo Mid
  • MME Ferus – Means Mono Maniac Esports Ferus
  • All of TSM’s players are famous, but Reginald is considered the leader/star
  • MME has Aphromoo, a very good ADC player, streams a lot, I have watched him and he is very good in solo que.

Whenever a pro game starts, there is the bans and picks. Bans go down first, and each team gets three bans.  TSM banned Alistar, Yorick, and Rumble. mMe banned Kayle, Karthus, and Vladimir. This is where you can get an idea of what the team fears the most, but realize, all six bans can not be played. When forming strategy, I can guarantee that no matter what, almost every time there will be a ban on Yorick, the current meta just makes it so. Rumble is also what is known as an instaban, in  other words, it just always gets banned. In Pro games the bans often change radically every turn they take, which is usually three games. This is a best of three style tourney, so two wins is a win, no third game.

The picks shows a little bit of the style of the game. First game picks follow.


  • Mid – Reginald – Morganna
  • Top – Dyrus – Shen
  • Bot – Chaox – Corky
  • Jungle – TheOddOne – Shyvanna
  • Support – Xpecial – Sona (woot my main!)


  • Mid – mancloud – Anevia
  • Top – Balls – Irelia
  • Bot – aphromoo – Graves
  • Jungle – Xmithie – Moaki
  • Support – Muffinqt – Nunu

Early game TSM lost first blood in a pre-minion push to mMe’s blue. Late early game mMe has about a 500 gold lead, from the first blood. TheOddOne however was very aggressive in his counter jungle. The cs and the trades on bot were definitely in the favor of mMe. Come about early mid game though, the tide started to turn, TSM went quiet, just went after farm and counter jungle. By 14 minutes, the gold was equal, which means that TSM had actually overcome the first loss. There were no kills right up until 18 minutes, when finally dragon forced a team fight. Second dragon fight ended being 3 for 3 kills, but it was sloppy on both sides. Probably the most annoying thing was the damn announcer who kept saying, “I did not expect TSM to play like this.” The last dragon was 4 kills for zero, for TSM. By 36 minutes it was 15 kills to 6 with an ace for TSM. TSM had killed two inhibitors, with no Baron Nashor kills. the game was over by 39:44, with TSM just running over them for the last 15 minutes.

Second game bans and picks.

Bans for mMe were Shen, Moakai, and Nunu. Tsm’s bans were Alistar, Rumble, and Yorick. This round of bans almost the same as the first, with the notable difference of Shen being in there, after the first round.



  • Mid – Reginald – Karthus
  • Top – Dyrus – Jayce
  • Bot – Chaox – Graves
  • Jungle – TheOddOne – Shyvanna
  • Support – Xpecial – Blitzcrank


  • Mid – mancloud – Vladimir
  • Top – Balls – Kayle
  • Bot – aphromoo – Sivir
  • Jungle – Xmithie – Mundo
  • Support – Muffinqt – Sona (yay twice in one round of a tournament!)

Early game TSM took an early early tower at 3:48, and set an aggressive pace early on. Basically TSM trying a Korean meta out in a tourney against a lighter team. Again bot lane was in mMe’s favor, mostly I think because aphromoo is an ADC specialist. There was a bot lane gank attempt by TSM, but it was flubbed by Xpecial’s missed Blitzcrank grab, and it started 3 vs 2 in TSM’s favor, but by the end of it a Sona ult made the difference, and TSM got smoked. TheOddOne made up for it by a nice top gank, which set TSM up for a lot of jungle invasion. Best quote from the announcer was , “We see them going down on Balls!” TSM got the first dragon uncontested. Another funny was the caster saying Dyrus was two minion waves behind, then you see Dyrus kill two minion waves and run off.  Again, by 18 minutes, it was 6 to 6 in kills overall.

Midgame TSM took another uncontested dragon with a brilliant split push on mid. At 22 minutes mMe forced a team fight with a jungle invasion, but did not have any vision on TSM. 24 minutes there was another TSM dragon, and at 28 minutes they had Nashor as well. They used that baron to take an inhibitor, then did a jungle clear, and basically took the advantage. 32:31 TSM took their nexus, and went to the semifinals.

A good two games, all in all, it was nice to see TSM cowed a bit by a new team, and some of the plays by mMe were quite exceptional. I really loved the aggressive Sona in the second game, I play her all the time, she is my main, so I really enjoyed seeing her played not once but twice. Xpecial playing her, then Muffinqt, so I got to see a lot of Sona in these games. I also enjoyed seeing Reg play Morgana, I like Morgana, a very unlikely pick for a lot of mids. I notice mids like to play whatever they think is OP, and I guess this is because of ELO hell, everyone thinking they need to carry a game. I just like being a solid player, and that is why I chose support. I may never have high ELO, but if you know how to play, you can see me down there, doing my thing.