An Argument for Mankind

by cunningstuff

Spiders are not evil. You may like them, or you may not like them, but spiders themselves are not evil. Neither are humans.

I know I like to go against the grain at times, but here is a bit of absolutely wrong idealism that has absolutely swept the modern world. Many of you will disagree with me, many will even be put off by it, but the truth of it is, we are not evil. Human beings, in and of themselves are not evil. Truthfully, evil is a religious concept, it is a backwards idea, and it has no place in our thought processes, but so many people believe it, it is like trying to put out a house fire with a thimble and a 1 dollar bottle of water. Are there problems in our society? I am not saying there are not problems, but problems can be solved. Are there bad people in our society? Once again I am not saying we do not have problems. Evil, however, is not one of our problems.

The idea of evil is a problem. Evil exists for so many people, they do not believe we as a race are worth saving. I knew it right then, when I started to argue for the human race, that I would hit this wall. Why save those who are not worthy? Humans are greedy, humans fight too much, humans are not worth saving, that is such a constant meme in our thoughts, and I know where it comes from. Like it or not, we westerners come from a christian pushed background, and the one thing the church of rome has to say about us is that we are born into sin. Original sin, it is an idea that is the same as the idea that we are not worthy. Westerners believe that we are not worthy, and heh, so do easterners. As a matter of fact, all of the civilized world is always taught how we are not worthy, that we as a race are evil and corrupt, and no matter what you do, we will fuck it up. The current meme is that all humans are greedy, but it really is just a bastardization of saying we are born in sin. I do not think for a second any child understands greed until they are taught it.

So imagine this, just once, the opposite. We humans are worthy. How much would you change how you think based on that? Would war be the atrocity it really is to you then? Would you grasp then that a billion people are starving right now, and just maybe, we should not let that happen? Would it make sense to have a floor limit that all people on earth should have materials, education, medicine? Would it make sense to stop making so much worry over how to screw people out of their money and instead feed them?

When I began to love the human race and not hate it, I began to see the really bad propaganda that has infiltrated us to the very core of everything we think about mankind. Talk to any good psychologist, good criminologist, any one who studies anthropology, and see what they have to say about evil. I sincerely think, after studying the evidence, and hearing out both sides on this particularly important issue, that bad people are made, not born. Let me say that clearly, very loudly even, bad people are made, not born. Now there are two ways to make someone bad, chemically, which could be traced to genetics or a polluted environment, and psychologically. Some people are indeed screwed up from birth, but it is usually a genetic or chemical imbalance that does this. There is very little proof otherwise. Most of criminal behavior, murderers, rapists, killers, the bulk of these are created by psychological imbalances. I do not expect you to believe this, but I ask instead that you find out on your own. I have looked and looked, and once we could understand the behaviors, once we have specialists on the job, once we take different views of how to treat criminals, we find over and over, it is the society and its psychology that does it.

This is really important my dear readers, it is very important that we understand that people are made, not created. It is important that we change how we think about what is wrong, because the results are in, and they disagree with everything most people believe about the human race. Funny how that belief is based on religion, and not science. Science says that we can change the human race for the better, that we can create a world of peace and happiness, but our current society still thinks we are not worth it. Just look at the miners getting shot in South Africa. No one is arguing the fact that we do not need to kill people over money issues. Of course they rioted, have you ever worked in a SA mine? Most of us have not, but if the conditions are anything like the conditions that the workers of Dubai are experiencing, then we as race need to stand up and look around for a change. I am not here to preach however, but to get you to really think about this one little fact.

Fact: We made into bad people, not born into bad people. We as a race are entirely worthy of saving, worthy of holding in respect, for all time to come. We as a race are not born with a sin. We are born with possibilities, possibilities that most societies do not give to the largess of the populations. We are beings of love, and when shit hits the fan, like an earthquake, or bad hurricane, or tsunami, we as humans give and care. We are a good people, full of warmth and love, and most of us, well, we just want the chance to love. Wars create enemies, and we have been at war for rich people for far to long. We have no grief with people in the middle east, other than that which has been totally fabricated. We do however, have amazing capacities for love and understanding, for communication and empathy.

Try it on one day. Try out thinking we as a race are completely worthy. You may be surprised at how real it is.