Thank you, 50 Followers!

by cunningstuff

OooooooOOOooooo I want glasses like those.

A few days ago I broke the 50 followers mark. I did not expect to do so as quickly as it has happened, because I do not pander to most internet culture wants. I write, and I post one picture and mostly words. Never did I think I could gain the attention of so many, so soon, when I feel I am a bit lopsided in my approach, and my words to be clumsy units I push out the door with a large stick. Over 700 views, and growing now each day, so I think I may be on to something people like. I do not please everyone every post, and I do not aim to, I really aim to just experiment with different writing styles an hour or two at a time.

So I am going to ask for some involvement, as a way of understanding where we all sit. I know most of your user names, and I have enjoyed the few comments I have had, but since this blog will always be up, I hope that people will always comment on it. I am keeping it very simple, you just tell me the book and author you are reading now. You can go on, you can review, you can denigrate or appreciate it, I don’t care, as long as I can see what your reading, I think this page will become a success.

It is an experiment I am determined to try and see keeps going, eventually building into a page of comments of books I will read. Unless the number becomes inhumanly large for me to keep up, I will read every book in the comments I have not read, and then, once I am done, give it a review in the blog too. I will do that for as long as I can, once again as far as humanly possible.  I need to read more to understand how to write better anyways, and a variety of input will only increase my ability to create.

I will begin,of course. I am currently reading House of Leaves by  Mark Z. Danielewski. I wanted something overtly complex and huge, and this seemed the only modern choice to make. I have heard from so many people I should read it, that I went to my favorite used book store and bought it without even asking the price. I am about 1/5 th into it, and it really hasn’t even started yet, all the craziness. I am enjoying it immensely though, because I have recently learned it is a love story, and I am searching it for clues, though right now it seems a bit of a suspense novel.

Please feel free to add whatever book you are reading, whether it is a recipe book or a childrens book, or an automobile manuel, I don’t care, I will try to read it.