On my Recent Reticence

by cunningstuff

First and foremost, thank you everyone for helping me get to 1000 views! I didn’t think it would ever happen! I love this, that people read, that people still think. Being an american, I can easily find myself lost in a world of idiots and halfwits, who think football is the only excuse for using more than a 200 word vocabulary. The fact that over 1000 people have read my little blog is very exciting, and gives me hope for my serious writing goals.

Second, my lovely Queen has had a lot of time off, and she is my center and my star, so I have taken a long break to be with her during a fairly difficult time.  The end result is that I am very happy to be with her when ever I get the lovely chance to hear and see her. The sad fact is that between my mind numbing job and my free time with her, I had to put this blog on break for a little while. However, I am firmly in the saddle and have not abandoned my place to write. I will be finishing my experiment in suspense this week, and will be taking on other odd and sundry skits in writing as well.

The break is over! I will miss the time, but I miss writing here more.

Finally, for those of you who still get my updates, thank you very much, your encouragement means the world to me, and gives me the courage to move on. I salute you, and hope you like what I have coming out the next few months.