A new life, for an old man.

Month: April, 2013



Blue is my favorite colour.

I love the words that are associated with it, ’tis the subtleties that I enjoy about blue, and its diverse meanings.

The azure blue sky is a great sky to watch. The beryl blue of rare gems, strung along a necklace to decorate a beautiful throat. The blue-gray rock of the high alpine is always an inspiring sight, dangerous to get to, but rewarding when seen. An ocean’s blue-green tropics, filled with the fish and the coral, a bounty of food and beauty. The cerulean blue of our earth, the pale blue dot, our home, its color when viewed far away in the solar system from voyager, still inspiring us. The dark cobalt of rare blue glass, always an item I want to collect, but never do because I know its beauty is deadly. Indigo blue, rich with history and tapestry, the color of kings and queens, the beauty of blue in fabric. The navy blue of the sailor roaming the blue seas themselves. Royal blue, in its darkness lies a color most people appreciate, understanding its richness. The ever delicate sapphire who is actually one of the toughest bearings on earth, and makes watches last a lifetime. The exotic and super-science sounding ultramarine flares my imagination.

The off color of blue, the bawdy jokes told in earnest between strangers for a laugh. A dirty joke might appear dirty to those of innocence or at least pretend innocence  an  indecent appeal at our humor is one thing that can tie all humans together. If you are lewd and naughty, you can bring together humans in a way that we all understand, the battle of the sexes, or, in these days, the battle of sex. Nothing anymore is too obscene, at best it is off-color, those old blue jokes. We can be racy with blue humor, risqué in proper society if we are quiet enough, or chose to loud and salty in a shady lounge. If the joke is a smutty piece of ribald humor, we might get honored enough to be called a spicy and suggestive lout, but if they really liked our blue humor, we get the title wicked.

If my lips are blue, I am too cold. The mystical blue of anything opalescent, with it’s aqua shimmer and the rainbow of the galaxies. Nothing is more atmospheric than our sky, it’s azure wash over our entire planet. The bluish tones of a cerulean uniform connect the world famous Blue Angels to the sky. A cesious dye for an elderly lady, matching her chalybeous pistol in her purse. A cyaneous fog about a dark and gloomy castle in the night, under a twilight sky the ecchymotic color of a bruise. The sparkly bright gentian blooming in fields of grass.

I love blue.


The Hood

I live in a pretty nice part of the world. It is not fancy, but it is clean and well taken care of, with nice people living around me. I decided again to go with pictures, because this is pretty cute. Today we are going to walk the dogs.


Here I am putting the leash on. Teddy is very patient with me.


My love is also patient with me. I take a long time to get going.


If walking was running, I would never be able to compete. Iris however, would be world class. She is so fast!


We get to the end of our street, and the clouds and sun make a little show for us. Now because of daylight savings  we do not have any light after she gets home. It is sad, but we look forward to summer next year for the light and sun.


This is the field at the end of our cul de sac. Ignore the trash, that is rarely laying about, but there are schools and kids in our neighborhood. Those woods though, have all kinds of birds, and the flying foxes can be heard at night.


Who would not want to take a a walk with such a beautiful woman?


The thing I noticed the most is the amount of palm trees. I missed them from living in Denver so long, it was nice to see them all over.


Quiet peaceful suburbia, although I miss Denver, now that I am over here and out of Cap Hill, I am glad to be off the warzone I lived in for so long.


Teddy pulling me along. Surprising thing is I didn’t catch her sniffing something.


Tobi take a pose in front of me. I feel like I am losing weight, but then I see these pics and realize I have a long way to go.


These puppies really love their Momma. It was hard to get them to walk with me, even a short way, with Momma standing behind us.


I walk them 1.5 km every day. In the evening we walk them together as I am showing, so they get 3 km every day. Sometimes the weather keeps us in, which is sad for all of us.


Just walking around my new home, I realize how lucky I am to be here.


To walk with a beautiful woman, to be loved and trusted by the puppies, to have this, this is the way life should be lived.


As the sun sets in this lovely picture, I realize that I am finally happy. I am at peace and in love with this new place, this way of life. It is good for me, and I am happier and healthier than I have been for a very long time. My health is improving, and I am finding how much strength I have left. I am no longer the victim of my depression, but instead the master of my new path in life. My shining Everstar Queen has made my life the dream I never thought could be mine.