Banana…banana… BANANA

by cunningstuff

I had to change my life to go forward. I did so, and I have gone forward. I have one great battle, but it is one I am winning. I have dropped enough weight to get on Wii Fit, which was my goal when I got here. Now my goal is to use Wii fit to balance myself, and make a genuine approach to my exercise. Today I start using it! To start my day off, I made a simple new recipe for a lunch shake. I figure, hell, this was so super simple, I would share it with others.

Banana Berry Shake

skim milk (about 250 ml)

1 frozen banana (large)

100 g frozen berries

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.


Now that is as simple as it gets.

Coupla tips:

1 – freezing bananas.

This is a difficult one for me until recently. Now it is again, just like the recipe, simple. Freeze the whole banana, unpeeled. When it comes time to use it, let it sit out for about 3 minutes, or run it under warm water for a few seconds. Once the peel is softened, just use a paring knife and cut the skin away, like a potato! It cuts super-duper easy, and you can see where the banana is and the skin is, so simple! They keep for months and months in freezer as well.

2 – pulse the blender, shale a little, pulse again. I had to do this about ten times before it all melted enough to blend smoothly.

3 –  Only use as much milk as it takes. If the blender is not pulling the shake down, it is too solid. Add a little more milk. To much milk however, will make the whole thing messy and inconsistent. To be honest, I want it almost to thick to drink, so adjust to your taste and texture preference.

This is a great energy booster, and it fills you up as well, so you can feel satisfied with what you are eating. No sugar, no chemicals, no complex prep, easy to buy items, easy to make. I gotta go get on my Wii now! Let me know in the comments if you like this, and if you have any variations.