Travel, Coffee, Manga – Simple!

by cunningstuff


I am borderline weaboo, I am sure of it, but… BUT I am not obsessive. I just really like certain things from Japan. Whenever I think of travel I think of two places prominently, Vienna and Tokyo. My wife dreams of Paris, and to be honest, if Vienna did not exist, it would be Paris as well, because Paris is third on this list. The only reason Paris is beaten by Vienna is my daydream perfect day in Vienna, which I am sure could be accommodated in Paris, but hey, it’s a daydream so you know, who cares. Not that this list is binding mind you, but hey, screw Dubai.

Vienna, why? Well it is a simple dream, a simple idea, that has been fueled by constant media exposure, I am sure of it. That being said, not many people have paid much attention, and so I think I can actually have this dream come true. Vienna has beautiful architecture, really beautiful places called coffee houses, and this wonderful tradition of holding dessert above the main course. I personally, do no such thing. I have spent my entire cooking life pursuing perfection in the arena of main courses. I can cook perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can not make great cakes, but that is the price I pay. I much prefer and have consistent time for my dedication, and I prep and cook almost ever meal in the house. When I am working full-time not quite as much, but I still do around a third or half of them. When I cook, it is with the idea that these are the meals I eat the most, the most times, so I can really enjoy the flavors I can bring out in just normal everyday dinners. In complete contrast, and thus the most intriguing to me, The Viennese chefs concentrate on dessert. I would have to visit and have a game of chess in the famous Cafe Central, while consuming at least thee cups of coffee to wash down three desserts from their patisserie redonkulous. Oh, and just skip dinner.

Tokyo, ah Tokyo. Well, to be honest it is the whole of Japan I would be after, the southern tip of the Misaki Shrine to the northern island of Hokkaido. I would like to see it in spring, summer, winter and fall. I would like to have a shopping trip in Akihabara tech labyrinth, and then go hang out with the kids on the Harajuku Bridge. Well… if they even hang out there anymore as much. Spend the night in a karaoke bar, or perhaps just a video game arcade, slamming tables.  Get some ultra rare copies of my favorite anime or manga’s. Eat healthy awesome food, get the best seafood in the world. I dunno, go watch the drift racers in the mountains. Take the walk up Mount Fuji. I pretty much could do a lot of things there, and be pretty happy. I think perhaps it is because they have perfected the art of being distracted and just in the moment, to have fun, to live well and enjoy your friends.

I won’t let this go without Paris. To actually rent an apartment in the 7th Arrondissment and cook a wonderful dinner. To sit and have a coffee while playing bocce in the park. A gliding waltz around the Eiffel Tower with my lovely Lady, and then a dinner on the museum that over looks it. What is not to love about Paris? Everywhere you turn there are angels in the architecture, spinning into infinity. Yes, I just quoted Paul Simon. I just don’t have words for the beauty of Paris, but not just beauty, it is a hard place to, with grit in it. Vienna doesn’t seem as gritty, I would never think of seeing a punk show in Vienna, but it is indubitably the way to go in Paris. To be completely honest, Paris is number two, not Vienna. But I damn sure want to go to both.

It’s pretty much a nothing blog, I mean, I just wanted to write about some things I love, things I might want to do in the future. I don’t have a point, so awkward as it is, thanks for reading!