A New Life for an Old Man

The one sure thing I know all writers tell other writers is, well, write. Write everyday, all the time, as much as you can. I started by writing private love letters to my future bride, and she insisted that I become a writer. I was hesitant at first, but eventually, and totally, the idea has overtaken me and I am pursuing that measure in a good persistence.  The idea behind this blog is that I sit down and do some automatic writing, I will keep the words at around a thousand, for now, and just do my best to chunk it out the door onto this blog. I can not promise in any idea that it will be good, I can only promise that I will honestly do my best to write it, as often as I can, with an eventual goal of 5000+ words a week into it. I hope that it will show some honesty from me, and maybe I will discover some good things about myself and my writing while I do it.

I do not know how committed I can become to the community of WordPress, and if I do not seem to be available, I will apologize honestly now. I am sorry, I am a very silly person who often has his head up his as…. I mean clouds… and I will try to correspond as often as I am asked. I will definitely entertain any truthful criticism, but understand that I may have my own style and way of doing things. I learned how to play 4 string bass the same way, a long trial of entertaining other folks lightly, but evolved with a definitive style all my own, even if I am not that good, I am happy with it.